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The Big M

Tim Richards

I have no worth of my own unless
I worship at the temple of MacDonald.

Ronald MacDonald is Capitalism's Christ.
In masses, we consume his body.

He is above criticism, an image, an icon
of the modern world of consumer culture.

He is a post-modern Christ with no substance.
Ronald is a clown invented to charm us.

His church is marked by a tower in the form of an M.
Instantly recognisable, acceptable and bland.

So, I'm overstating it am I? No.
To eat at MacDonalds is an Act of Faith.

I can achieve grace through consummation
of an idea but not substance 'cos the food is crap.

MacDonalds are wayside churches, havens of sameness,
everywhere the faithful servants and grateful worshippers..

It is staffed by the downtrodden and,
like a true religion, is ruled by fanatics.

Ronald is the icon of global capitalism
Mammon's rule is a matter of faith.

But, you don't have to bow down to Ronald.
You could grill your own beef burgers.

You don't have to bow down to Ronald.
You can buy cheap coke down the shop.

So stop worshipping obscene idols.
Be an atheist anti-capitalist

Or find faith in reason, in Marxist analysis
and believe again in a socialist ideal.

March 2005


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