When will Blair go?

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Going... going... oh no, he's staying! When will Blair eventually pack his bags and get out?

Here at Socialist Unity we believe in celebrating the ending of rogue demagogues, so we're running a sweepstake on when will Blair go.

But to make the moment sweeter we also want to raise money for No One Is Illegal one of the many campaigning organisations that are fighting the effects of Blair's neo-liberal policies.

Whoever gets the closest to Blair's departure date wins half the money raised (could be millions!) and the other half goes to No One Is Illegal (we're not keeping any, if you want to donate to us - that's fine, you're allowed, go here)

No One Is Ilegal is opposed to all controls. It rejects the idea that there can be "fair" or "just" or "non racist" controls. Its members have been involved for several decades in anti-deportation campaigns and campaigns for the right of entry. Its original Manifesto was written in 2003. Since then it has produced a series of literature - the latest being a pamphlet for trade unionists "Workers Control not Immigration Control". A national conference is being organised based on the pamphlet. The first planning meeting is July 15th at 1pm at Cross St Chapel in Manchester. No One Is Illegal is asking trade union supporters to ensure their trade union organisation sponsors the conference.

NOII's website is www.noii.org.uk  their trade union pamphlet is here and an invite to their planning meeting on July 15th is here

The winnings are split if more than one person is equally near.


The three ways to enter


By paypal

Make a 2 donation using this button

Then email us here with the date you think Blair will drop the top job. You must do BOTH these things.

If you win we will email you back asking where you'd like us to send your enormous winnings.



By post

You could send a cheque for 2 made out to the Socialist Unity Network to SUN, PO Box 1177, Swindon, SN1 4XB with your contact details and the date



Face to face

Some Sunnies will be bringing round sign up sheets and taking money, which they will send on.



Some important rules that we've made up as we go along


You must choose a date more than ten days in advance of when you enter the sweepstake.

Half the money goes to No One Is Illegal. The other half goes to the winner of the sweepstake.



June 2006

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