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Socialist/Green general election challenge launched


On Saturday 26 February, at the University of London Union, a coalition of socialist organisations and trade unionists launched a joint campaign against Blair in the looming general election. The coalition, which will be contesting around 30 seats, will put forward a socialist/green alternative to the right-wing policies of privatisation, war and environmental destruction offered by both the major parties and the Liberal Democrats too.

Dave Nellist, the former Labour MP and now leader of the Socialist Party group on Coventry city council, explained:

“We are standing to give voters a chance to elect candidates who will represent the millions not millionaires.  We believe that the New Labour Party of Blair and Brown has deprived the working class of political representation, and we want to restore a workers’ voice in politics. We believe MPs should earn the average wage of a skilled worker and we are standing to give voters a chance to elect representatives who will not profit personally from election."

A joint policy declaration has been agreed between the participating organisations, including the following key issues:

  • A stop to, and reversal of, privatisation.

  • Immediate re-nationalisation of the railways.

  • A fully funded NHS, free to all at the point of need, with an end to privatisation and cuts.

  • Universal state pensions linked to the higher of prices and earnings, with its value restored accordingly.

  • A fully funded comprehensive education system.

  • The abolition of all student tuition fees – free, high quality education for all. 

  • Troops out of Iraq.  End the occupation. No more wars for oil. Support Iraqi workers in their struggles to build and defend independent trade unions and working class political representation.

  • Defend the right to asylum, and asylum seekers’ rights.

  • Urgent action to combat global warming and catastrophic worldwide climate change.


February 2005


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