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Some helpful websites for activists involved in the Euro-elections

Current rules are a 5,000 deposit is required which is returnable on 2.5% of the vote (24,860 votes on last time's turn out).


Although the electoral commission has proposed changes to this, the government has indicated that it has no inclination to change these rules so best assume that this s the figure.


Candidates need to be 21 or over and 30 registered voters need to nominate the list.


Deadline for registration is 4 weeks before the election date.


The electoral commission can be found at
with useful rules at

With their recommendations on the changed number of seats
in PDF format

UK office of the Euro parliament is at
020 7227 4300
And at a European level it is at
1999 Euro election results in full are found at
Useful advise on rolling registration can be found at
More stuff on the rules can be found at
Hope this is useful, I'm sure there are gaps to this knowledge, if you find any of it out, please do let me know click here to tell me the info


March 2004