The Socialist Unity Network

Proposed resolution on unity

Declan O'Neill


  1. We note that Respect will be standing candidates in the next Westminster General Election, but will only be contesting a minority of seats.

  2. We commit Respect to working with others to ensure the maximum number of socialist candidates in the next election.

  3. We encourage local activists in Respect branches, who are considering standing in their local Westminster constituency, to liaise with any other local organisations, in order to maximise an anti-war, anti-privatisation, anti-racist, anti-fascist approach, especially in those areas where there is a history of different left campaigns. The aim should be to ensure one agreed left candidate in as many seats as possible, rather than many left candidates chasing the same seats.

  4. In agreeing to stand candidates itself in the Westminster elections, Respect will therefore at the same time support other organisations or individuals standing in these elections where Respect is not standing - who stand on a platform against the war, against racism and fascism, against cuts and privatisation - on the basis of seeking their reciprocal support for Respect in the seats in which it is standing.

  5. Respect remains committed to working with other forces on the left to build an organisation that is open, democratic and socialist.


Socialist Unity


September 2004


If you would like to put your name to this resolution and you are a paid up member of RESPECT please let us know before October 9th


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