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Standing orders for Respect Conference


Date and Venue

The conference will be held on Saturday October 30th and Sunday 31st the
Camden Centre, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE



It will be delegate based at ratio of 1-10 of the full membership at the
time of voting - or greater part thereof. For example 86 local members would
give 9 delegates.

Outgoing members of the Executive Council will have voting and speaking rights.

Guest speakers will be invited by the Executive Council and the Conference Arrangements Committee.

The conference will be administered by a presiding committee appointed by
the Executive Council.   Speakers will be by slip to the presiding committee.



Resolution and/or amendments must come from the Executive, Executive members, properly constituted local meetings called to discuss the conference, or from not
less than 20 paid up members.

The closing date for resolutions will be Monday October 11th. The closing
date for amendments will be Wednesday October 27th.

Election of Executive Council

The election of the Executive Council will be voting between slates. Initial slates must be
submitted by Monday October 11th. Alternative slates by Wednesday October 27th.

Election of delegates

Delegates must be elected at properly constituted local meetings, convened
for the purpose, with all members properly informed.

The geographical areas of meetings will be established by consultation
between the local area/branch and the office/Conference Arrangements Committee. The principle being that all members will be covered by a meeting and will therefore have the
opportunity to participate.

Delegates should be elected by calling for nominations and holding an exhaustive vote where the number of nominations exceed the number of delegates allowed.

The deadline for the registration of delegates with the office is Monday
October 25th.




Respect members who are not delegates can attend as visitors subject to
space and on a first-come first-served basis.  Observers will have no speaking or voting rights.




Delegates fees will be 20 per delegate

Observers fees will be 10 per observer


August 2004


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