The Socialist Unity Network

For a flexible, fraternal approach

Resolution for Respect Executive

1. We note that Respect has decided to stand in the Euro and GLA elections
in June 2004.

2. We recognise that local activists (out of London) may want to stand in the local council elections at the same time. We encourage local activists / branches who are considering standing to liaise with any other local organisations, in order to maximise an anti-war, anti-racist, anti-fascist approach, especially in those areas where there are "all-out" elections (i.e. where there are 3 votes for all council seats).

3. Where Respect activists decide that they wish to stand locally, the National Executive Committee of Respect will delegate its regional organisations (Regional Executive Committees / Steering Committees / etc) to consider these requests, to make arrangements, and to authorise as appropriate.

4. In agreeing to stand itself in the local elections, Respect will at the same
time support other organisations or individuals standing in the local elections where Respect is not standing - who stand on a platform against the war, against racism and fascism, against cuts and privatisation - on the basis of seeking their reciprocal support for Respect in the Euro (and GLA) elections.


John Nicholson




March 2004