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It's been a long time coming

Even the least observant of our readers will have noticed that the Socialist
Unity site has been rather slow of late. This has been due to incredibly
irritating technical problems.

Although these problems have not as yet been completely solved we are now
able to bring you updates and articles which is a great relief.

There is of course a great backlog of articles to get through so over the next couple of weeks we hope to bring these to you. Although some may seem a
little out of date we thought it would be worth printing them anyway as they
are still interesting articles and out of respect for the authors.

If you wrote an article for us and it does not appear in the next couple of
weeks please do let us know and send it to us again - I'm sure we'll be
happy to print it.

Talking of which the fact that the site is up and running again means we
will be more than happy to accept articles, reports and news for
publication. Please write to the usual address -


January 2005


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