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Left candidates at the coming general election

We are in the process of updating this list to provide a comprehensive guide to socialist, left and progressive candidates region by region, which will be updated with the results after the election. The list below may contain some inaccuracies - until we have updated it you can always check the BBC website for confirmation.

The following list is meant to be of use for those of us on the left who wish to support left of Labour candidates at the coming election in England and Wales.

At present this list represents the 76 left candidates that we know about - but we are sure there are more out there. Please do let us know of any additional information, corrections or trivia by email.

We will be covering the Labour left candidates and the Green party elsewhere on the site and welcome correspondence on this topic, but don't feel the need to complain about their absence - or the fact that we have not yet covered Scotland - we will also be running special info on the SSP election campaign.

Key to organisations below;



 Region  Constituency  Organisation  Candidate  E-mail
LN Bethnal Green and Bow  Respect George Galloway Respect - the unity coalition
WM Birmingham Perry Barr  Respect Dr Naseem Respect - the unity coalition
WM Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath  Respect Salma Yaqoob 
  Blackburn Independent Craig Murray Craig Murray 
WM Birmingham Northfield SP Louise Houldey  
YH Bradford North Respect Umit Yildiz Respect - the unity coalition
SE Brighton Kemptown Peace Party Caroline O'Rielly
SE Brighton Kemptown SP Phil Clarke  
SE Brighton Pavilion AGS Tony Greenstien Tony Greenstien 
SW Bristol East Respect Paulette North Respect - the unity coalition
SW Bristol North West SP Graeme Jones  
WA Caerphilly Forward Wales Graeme Beard 
ER Cambridge Respect Tom Woodcock 
WA Cardiff Central Respect Raja Gul Raiz
WA Cardiff South SP Dave Bartlett  
WM Coventry North East SP Cllr Dave Nellist  
WM Coventry South SP Rob Windsor  
WA Alyn and Deeside CPB Glyn Davies. 182 habershun road cardiff cf24 2le
SW Dorest South Respect Berny Parkes Respect - the unity coalition
LN East Ham  Respect Abdul Khaliq Mian Respect - the unity coalition
LN Eltham AGS    
Scot Glasgow Central CPB Elinor Mackenzie 72 waterloo st glasgow g2 7ba
SE Guilford Peace Party John Morris
LN Hackney South  CPB Monty Goldman ruskin house 23 coombe rd london
LN Hackney South  Respect Dean Ryan Respect - the unity coalition
ER Harwich  Respect John Tipple Respect - the unity coalition
LN Hayes & Harlington SP    
LN Hornsey & Wood Green AGS    
SE Hove Respect Paddy O'Keefe Respect - the unity coalition
YH Hull North or East AGS    
YH Leeds North East AGS Celia Foote  
YH Leeds North West AGS    
YH Leeds West AGS    
EM Leicester South Respect Yvonne Ridley Respect - the unity coalition
EM Leicester West SP Steve Score
LN Lewisham & Deptford SP Cllr Ian Page  
NW Merseyside Bootle SP Peter Glover  
NW Liverpool Crosby CPB Geoff Bottoms ruskin house 23 coombe rd london
NW Liverpool Wavertree Democratic SA Paul Filby  
ER Luton South Respect Mohammed Ilyas
NW Manchester Stretford and Urmston  Respect Mark Krantz Respect - the unity coalition
NW Manchester Wythenshawe & Sale SP Lynn Worthington  
WA Merthyr Forward Wales Neil Greer 
WA Neath Respect Heather Falconer
NE Newcastle South & Wallsend CPB Martin Levy ruskin house 23 coombe rd london
NE Newcastle East & Wallsend SP William Hopwood  
EM Nottingham East Socialist Unity Pete Radcliff
SE Oxford East IWCA Maurice Leen 
SW Plymouth Devonport  Respect Tony Staunton Respect - the unity coalition
YH Pontefract & Castleford AGS Bob Hague  
WA Pontypridd CPB Robert Griffiths 182 habershun road cardiff cf24 2le
LN Poplar and Canning Town  Respect Cllr Oliur Rahman Respect - the unity coalition
NW Preston  Respect Michael Lavalette 
LN Putney Respect Ali Zaidi Respect - the unity coalition
  Sedgefield Independent Reg Keys  
YH Sheffield Brightside AGS    
YH Sheffield Central  Respect Maxine Bowler Respect - the unity coalition
YH Sheffield Heeley SP Mark Donell  
EM Slough Respect Jazz Khan Respect - the unity coalition
WA South Clwyd Forward Wales Alwyn Humphreys 
SE Southampton Itchen SP    
ER Stevenage SP Steve Glennon  
NW Stockport SADP    
WM Stoke Central SP Jim Cessford  
WA Swansea West SP Rob Williams  
SW Swindon North Socialist Unity Andy Newman
LN Tottenham Respect Janet Alder Respect - the unity coalition
NE Tyne Bridge  Respect Jill Russell Respect - the unity coalition
LN Vauxhall SPGB Danny Lambert
YH Wakefield SP Mick Griffiths  
WM Walsall North SADP 
WM Walsall South Respect Nadia Fazal Respect - the unity coalition
LN Walthamstow SP Nancy Taaffe  
LN West Ham  Respect Lindsey German Respect - the unity coalition
WA Wrexham Forward Wales Janet Williams 


Key to organisations;


AGS - Alliance for Green Socialism

AWL - Alliance for Workers Liberty

CPB - Communist Party of Britain (publication Morning Star)

IWCA - Independent Working Class Association

SADP - Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform

SP - Socialist Party

SPGB - Socialist Party of Great Brtain




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