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Details of the Socialist Alliance final conference

Jim Jepps

What will probably be the final conference of the Socialist Alliance will be held on Saturday 5th February from 2 p.m. at ULU, Malet Street London in room 101.

A letter is being drafted that should be received by members in the very near future. Those eligible to attend are those on the membership lists for 2003 and 2004 and conference will be free.

Motions should be received by 22nd January and amendments by the 29th. Please send them to,

Resolutions which propose to wind up the Socialist Alliance will be accepted.

There should be more details to come.


There will also be a national executive meeting Saturday 22nd January at 11.30 am in Room 2A at ULU, Malet Street. This is open to all members, although only exec members can vote.

January 2005


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