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Motion to Socialist Alliance conference


Some supporters of the Socialist Unity Network are proposing a motion to the Socialist Alliance conference on 5th December, that will see the Socialist Alliance closed down as a national organisation. During the course of the last year the Socialist Alliance  has ceased to exist as an organisation, except for a few local groups. The current national structure of the alliance is therefore no longer appropriate. We do not propose this lightly, and indeed with some regret.

We have to learn from the experiences of the Socialist Alliance. There was nothing inevitable about the failure of the SA to reach its potential. Probably against its own wishes, the SWP was by far the dominant force within the Alliance, and it never moved beyond viewing it as an electoral coalition, rather than the nucleus of a new organisation. The decision of the SA 2003 conference to look outwards, to aim to be part of a wider organisation of the left, that was "open, inclusive, democratic and of course socialist" was one that had the support of the clear majority of SA members. The manner of Respect's launch and subsequent development have convinced some comrades that Respect is not the fulfilment of that conference decision. Nevertheless Respect is still a significant left unity initiative and can play a positive role in creating the conditions required for an inclusive and democratic broad socialist party in the future.

Socialist Unity is committed to seeing that conference decision carried out, but recognises that far wider forces that those currently involved in Respect need to be involved. There are layers of activists and socialists in organisations such as the Socialist Party (CWI), Communist Party (CPB) and the Alliance for Green Socialism. We also need to win back the many SA activists who have not joined Respect, but perhaps most importantly we need an organisation that can relate to and involve the thousands of socialists and trade union activists who have had enough of this reactionary government.

This organisation should be built on rank and file democracy. Where every member can play a positive role no matter what specific policy issue they may disagree on. We need to win whole layers of members who have never played an active role in a political organisation before, or who may only have the time or inclination to help the organisation financially or with the occasional leafleting of their road. This means an organisation that is not an 'activist' party, dominated by the most organised, centralised forces with full time workers, but an organisation that is owned by actual working class people who want to fight for the millions not the millionaires.


This conference notes paragraph C15 in the constitution adopted on 1st December 2001 that "The Socialist Alliance may be dissolved by a resolution of a Special Meeting, called for this purpose by the National Executive or the National Council or by request of 25 percent of the membership. Any assets of the Socialist Alliance shall be distributed to any organisation or organisations having aims consistent with those of the Socialist Alliance, as agreed at such a Special Meeting."

This conference recognises that the Socialist Alliance no longer exists as a national organisation. The Socialist Alliance will therefore be formally dissolved.

This conference notes the decision of the 2003 Socialist Alliance conference endorsed by a clear majority of members to look outwards to benefit from the opportunities of the anti-war movement, and tensions between the trade unions and the Labour Party: to aim to be part of a wider organisation of the left, that was "open, inclusive, democratic and of course socialist." We note that many Socialist Alliance members consider RESPECT the Unity Coalition, to be the fulfilment of that conference decision. We also recognise that there is a diversity of opinion and a proportion of the former Socialist Alliance membership do not share that view. This conference endorses the decision of the 2003 conference and urges comrades to support all initiatives towards its fulfilment.

The Socialist Alliance's remaining funds should be used to pay off debts and the bank account closed. Any remaining funds should be distributed between supporting organisations of the Socialist Alliance. This is a reflection that there is no consensus over which "organisation or organisations [have] aims consistent with those of the Socialist Alliance." Distributing the funds between the supporting organisations of the Socialist Alliance will allow the assets to be disposed of broadly proportionate to the views of the Socialist Alliance membership.

The supporting organisations of the Socialist Alliance are: Alliance for Workers Liberty, Communist Party of Great Britain, International Socialist Group, Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform, Socialist Solidarity Network, Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Unity Network. Any remaining funds should be distributed equally between these seven organisations. This conference notes that the share of the funds for any organisation who supports Respect the Unity Coalition may at the discretion of that organisation be paid directly to Respect instead.

The Socialist Alliance national executive elected at annual conference in 2003 will continue in office until the debts are paid off and remaining funds distributed, which must take place no later that 28th February 2005, at which point the Socialist Alliance ceases to exist. The national executive should meet immediately after this conference closes to elect a sub-committee to carry out the winding up of the Socialist Alliance.

A final treasurer's report will be prepared, audited and published on the web-site This will be posted no later than 31st March 2005. A printed version will be available to any member or former member who requests one before that date by sending an e-mail to

The electoral commission shall be advised that the Socialist Alliance is dissolved by submission of form RP9, "Application for Deregistration" no later than 11th February 2005. Closing financial accounts will be submitted to the electoral commission no later than 31st March 2005.



January 2005


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