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Socialist Alliance – still breathing?

Declan O’Neill, SA executive

To many the future of the SA may seem an irrelevant sideshow, given that its largest component, the SWP, has transferred its energies into Respect.  However, whatever ones view on the unity coalition, the Socialist Alliance still formally exists, and more importantly its members have a right to decide what happens next.  In this context, the postponement of the national executive, due to take place this Saturday (25 Sept) is worrying.   National secretary, Rob Hoveman, asked permission to postpone, given that he, and other executive members, wanted to spend the weekend canvassing in Hartlepool.


While the postponement may be justified, the failure to decide on an alternative date is not.  Both myself, and Andy Newman, have contacted the national secretary asking for a new date as soon as possible, but to date no reply, or indeed, no formal decision to postpone, re-arrange or whatever, has been circulated.


Does it matter?   Without an executive meeting it will be impossible to organise the – now very overdue – national conference, provisionally scheduled for 4 December.  The last special conference took decisions covering the relationship between the SA and Respect only until the elections on June 10.   The membership of the Alliance has a right to take the crucial decisions about its future; the SA executive has a duty to organise the conference which will allow this to happen.



September 2004


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