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In the coming general election;

who should the left support?




The Socialist Unity Network has recently formulated its position on the up and coming general election. We thought this may be of interest to some of our readers so we reprint here Socialist Unity’s formal position for the 2005 General Election.



a) We support all the left of Labour candidates in the 2005 elections.

b) In the cases where the left has chosen to stand candidates against each other we ask them to get together and sort out who is the most appropriate candidate.


c) In the cases where there are more than one left candidate in any area (for example the north and south constituencies of a town) we encourage those candidates to hold joint meetings and invite each other to speak at their rallies in order to make visible left unity in action.


d) Where this cannot be done we wish all the left well, advertise them all where possible, and allow people to make their own minds up about their preferences.

e) We will try to provide as comprehensive a service as possible for the coming elections showing people where their nearest left candidate is and how to contribute to their campaigns.


f) Where the official Labour candidate has a clear and vocal left record we would ask the left to support these candidates and to do what they can to help them get selected as the PPC.


g) Where the official Green candidate has a clear and vocal left record we would ask the left to seriously consider actively supporting these candidates.



a) We aim to help left wing independents stand in both the general election and the county council elections.

b) one way we can do this is to offer them the use of the electoral name "Socialist Unity"

c) We impose few conditions on candidates using this name - only that they are socialist and are not standing against a more credible socialist.

d) The name Socialist Unity is not intended to be yet another party of the left, simply an acknowledgement that many on the left have no party they are comfortable in, but are still of the movement, for the movement and committed to social justice.



January 2005


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