A socialist guide to the local elections 2006.

Including socialist candidates at the  council election

 Labour takes beating
Some new left councillors
BNP goose step forwards



Big drop in Labour vote - Labour lose control of almost 2 in 5 of their councils across England

BBC estimates vote share disaster for Labour
Tories 40%, Lib Dems 27%, Labour 26%

RESPECT Birmingham Salma Yaqoob elected
Tower Hamlets
Respect claim they've unseated Labour group leader 12 seats Newham 3 seats gained Preston 2nd place in four wards
Bristol Jerry Hicks 2nd place Sheffield Maxine Bowler 2nd place Haringey Respect comes second to Labour and in one Camden and Ealing ward Liverpool Respect  11% 3rd place

Socialist Alternative Stoke, Paul Sutton, 3rd place ward won by BNP, Bootle, Pete Glover, 2nd place, Newcastle Paul Owens 2nd place, Coventry Rob Windsor elected (now 3 cllrs), Lewisham retain two councillors

Colchester two independent socialists receive 8.9% and 11.5%. Peter Smith in Walsall came second (34.4%) for the Democratic Labour Party Enfield two defend the NHS candidates "Save Chase Farm" candidates elected (SCF note)

Norwich Green Party wins four more councillors (up to 9) and Lewisham win five new councillors and gains in Bristol, Watford, Oxford, Sheffield, Stroud and others. 20 elected in total (91 councillors in total) Watford Mayoral vote 11% AND in a by election in Scarborough the Greens gained another councillor taking the total to 92.

Swindon, Socialist Unity gain 5.1% and 5.5%

IWCA get another elected cllr in Oxford

BNP take a goose-step forward - highest ever BNP result - 33 gains and many second places
Broxbourne keep council seat, Epping Forest gain three, Sandwell win 3 new seats, Redditch win one seat, Stoke win 3 new seats, Pendle win a seat, Dagenham and Barking win 12 seats, Burnley 2 seats, Kirklees 2 seats

Far right breakaway group 'England First' in Blackburn has won 2 seats








Candidates of the left

Find the left candidate nearest you


Tim Oxton, independent socialist candidate in Colchester

Eddie Adams, Alliance for Green Socialism Golborne Ward of Kensington & Chelsea (interview)

Janine Booth, Socialist Unity
Hackney central (interview)

Andy Newman, Socialist Unity 
Swindon (leaflet)

Glyn Robbins, one of the Respect candidates for Tower Hamlets  on Liam Mac Uaid's blog

Tom Woodcock for Romsey Cambridge Respect candidate's blog


Let us know if you know of left candidates at this election that we've not listed

















Find the left candidate nearest you (full results)
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