The Socialist Unity Network

RESPECT conference

30 - 31st October 2004

Jim Jepps

RESPECT's national conference is going to be a decisive moment in the coalition's development.


It is  very welcome that the conference will take place over the course of two days, which will give vital time to put flesh on the bones of policy, structure and democracy.


It will be a time to ensure that RESPECT lives up to its name of the "unity coalition" avoiding the pitfalls of both unprincipled opportunism and hide bound sectarianism.


RESPECT needs to re-affirm its attempt at joint work with the Greens and other progressive forces - but it also needs to lead with its left foot on key questions, such as a woman's right to choose. In order to really represent the anti-war movement RESPECT will need to take a path that comes from below - out the struggles that are taking place, rather than simply being a stratagem worked out by the leadership of various sections of those movements.


This conference has the chance to re-open the possibility of support from the CPB (who publish the Morning Star) sections of the independent left and even (although unfortunately far less likely) the Socialist Party and Forward Wales. We will see. A wrong turn at this conference could fatally set back the left unity project and a sharply political and outward looking conference could be just the boost it needs.




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August 2004


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