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European elections 2004, articles reports and news, all in one place.

Helmut Ettinger Election report from Germany
Rupert Mallin The elections put class back on the agenda
Nick Bird The storm did not break
Declan O'Neill Alternative Ulster, Alternative Europe
Declan O'Neill South of the border
Nick Savage Is socialist unity an oxymoron?
Martin Wicks What happened?
Peter Cranie A Green response to the elections
John Mullen A first response from the French elections
Will McMahon First response to the GLA results
Andy Newman A mixed bag of results
Andy Newman Reaction to the local election results
Matthew Caygill Navigating towards unity
John Mullen Dispatches from the French election
John Nicholson A pre-prediction on the election
Andy Newman Second preference for Livingstone
John Pearson Support socialist local election candidates
Mike Davies Four left votes in Wales
Matthew Caygill Big losers and small winners; what happened in the election
Andy Newman Didn't they do well? UKIP's successes
John Nicholson Going postal - did it work?
Jim Jepps BNP fails to make breakthrough
Jim Jepps You better start swimming
Jim Jepps Last days until the election
Jim Jepps The polls have closed, where now?
RESPECT RESPECT's initial response
Green Party The Green's initial response
"The team" Tower hamlets stunning results
Searchlight Voters reject the BNP
Socialist Party Socialist Party results
BBC / Independent Netherlands results
"The Team" European results
"The Team" GLA results
"The Team" Local election reports; as they come in
Andy Newman The Swindon experience
Newswire The Netherlands results
Green Party Press The first response from the Greens
Jim Dee Long shot McCann
Andy Tate Beyond the big three

July 2004


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