Save Chase Farm

Note for clarification


We have been asked to point out that Save Chase Farm is not a specifically socialist group but a broad campaign with supporters from many different political backgrounds and are happy to do so.


Our coverage is designed to cover news of interest to socialists, rather than only about socialists.


Regular readers of this site will know that Socialist Unity take a broad and inclusive definition of what constitutes a 'left' campaign, often including groups or individuals who would not use the term to  describe themselves.


Broad community campaigns can often include ex-Tories, liberals and all sorts of definitely non-left supporters and where we have used the term left to describe these campaigns it is as short hand for the broader idea of groups rooted in progressive community campaigning work - rather than to imply some sort of explicitly socialist agenda.


This is particularly true where we have listed winning 'left' candidates or listed the 'left' candidate nearest to you - as to provide a full definition of our philosophical approach to inclusive politics would simply bog us down in pedantry and make our listings inaccessible rather than bring light upon the situation.  for more details



August 2006

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