Left local election candidates (note)

All elections are council elections unless otherwise stated.

This list is as comprehensive as we can make it but if you know of left candidates from any party, or independents that we have not included please email and let us know to help ensure we do not accidentally leave anyone out.

Once full election results are in and our number crunchers have done their work we will be publishing a number of other pages breaking down the election results in a variety of ways.

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Eastern Region - East Midlands - London - North East - North West
South East
- South West - West Midlands - Yorkshire and Humber

Eastern region

Cambridge, Romsey Ward

  • Tom Woodcock Respect 294 votes 6th place (two vote ward) 6.42%

  • Sam Caldwell Respect 268 votes 7th place (two vote ward) 5.86%

  • Denise Knowlson Respect (County) 240 votes 5th place


  • Birch & Winstree ward, Jeannine McAndrew Independent 53 votes 2.88% 5th place

  • Fordham & Stour ward, Jack Pooley Independent 63 votes 4.46% 5th place

  • Lexden ward, Susan Francis Independent 73 votes 3.75% 5th place

  • Mile End ward, Edmund Chinnery Independent 46 votes 2.26% 5th place

  • Pyefleet ward, Tim Oxton Independent 100 votes 11.53% 3rd place

  • West Mersea ward, John Coombes Independent 176 votes 8.93% 4th place

Epping Forest, Loughton ward, Pete Ralph, Independent 112 votes 8.2%

Harlow, Toddbrook ward, Jim Rogers Respect 217 votes 3rd place

South Cambridgeshire, Bar Hill ward, Steve Sweeney, Respect 86 votes, 4th place 5.4%

Waveney, Harbour ward, Ruth Ford, Independent 629 votes, 42.8% 1st place ELECTED

East Midlands back to top


London back to top

Brent, Harlesden ward, Albert Harriet Respect 463 votes 5th place (3 vote ward)

Camden, St Pancras and Summers Town ward, Mukul Hira Respect 781 votes 4th place (3 vote ward)

Croyden,  Broad Green ward, Peter Latham, Communist Party of Britain 177 votes 8th place

Ealing, 3 vote ward

  • Southall Green, Salvinder Dhillon, Respect 763 votes 4th place

  • Southall Green, Iqbal Khan, Respect 702 votes 5th place

  • Southall Green, Mohamed Nur, Respect 676 votes 6th place

Enfield, 3 vote wards

  • Bush hill park, Jennifer Blaskett, Save Chase Farm, 1442 votes, 4th place

  • Chase Ward, Kate Wilkinson, Save Chase Farm, 1727 votes, 3rd place ELECTED

  • Enfield highway, Richard Reeve, Save Chase Farm, 886 votes, 7th place

  • Enfield Lock, Sujal Zaveri, Save Chase Farm, 893 votes 7th place

  • Grange, Stephen Armstrong, Save Chase Farm, 1385 votes, 4th place

  • Highlands, Jeremy Southgate, Save Chase Farm, 1595 votes 4th place

  • Southbury ward, Robin Somerville Save Chase Farm, 894 votes 7th place

  • Town, Kieran MacGregor, Save Chase Farm, 2460 votes 3rd place ELECTED

  • Turkey Street, Ben Hall, Save Chase Farm, 1188 votes 4th place

Note on Save Chase Farm

Hackney central, 3 vote wards

  • Mayoral, Dean Ryan Respect 2800 votes 6th place

  • Mayoral, Monty Goldman Communist Party of Britain 896 votes 7th place

  • Cazenove ward, Gillian George Respect 330 votes 10th place

  • Cazenove ward, Ken Muller Respect 238 votes 11th place

  • Central ward, Janine Booth Socialist Unity  260 votes, 11% 8th place

  • Central ward, Charlie McDonald Socialist Unity 161 votes 7% 12th place

  • Clissold ward, Asli Demirel Respect 262 votes 8th place

  • Clissold ward, Sasha Simic Respect 216 votes 10th place

  • Leabridge ward, Fero Firat Respect 324 votes 8th place

  • Leabridge ward, Michael Simons Respect 282 votes 10th place

  • Leabridge ward, Ivan Beavis Communist Party of Britain 77 votes 15th place

  • Queensbridge ward George Solomou Respect 310 votes 11th place

  • Queensbridge ward Diana Swingler Respect 317 votes 10th place

Haringey, 3 vote wards

  • St Ann's, Simon Hester, Respect 579 votes 4th place

  • St Ann's Tekin Kartal, Respect 468 votes 6th place

  • West Green. Sait Akgul, Respect 626 votes 4th place

  • West Green, Gary McFarlane, Respect 535 votes 5th place


  • Bunhill ward, Gary O'Shea,  IWCA 566 votes 6.7% 6th place 3 vote ward

  • Clerkenwell ward, Sharon Haywood, IWCA 542 votes 5th place 3 vote ward

  • Clerkenwell ward, Sarah Nash, IWCA 525 votes 6th place 3 vote ward

Kensington and Chelsea, Eddie Adams, Golborne,  Alliance for Green Socialism 232 votes 15.31%


  • Canbury ward, Oliver Bond, Socialist Party 80 votes 11th place 3 vote ward

  • Chessington South, John Hayball, Socialist Labour Party  95 votes joint 10th place 3 v.w.

Lambeth, (all elections were 3 vote wards)

  • Clapham Town ward, Daniel Lambert, Socialist Party (GB)  62 votes 11th place

  • Clapham Town ward, John Lee, Socialist Party (GB) 38 votes 13th place

  • Clapham Town ward, James Martin, Socialist Party (GB) 39 votes 12th place

  • Vassal ward, Abdul Chowdhury, Respect 257 votes 11th place

  • Vassal ward, Stephen Hack, Respect 287 votes 10th place

  • Vassal ward, Aboubakar Sako, Respect 234 votes 12th place

Lewisham, 3 vote local wards

  • Mayoral election, Sinna Mani Lewisham Peoples' Alliance 1366 votes 6th place

  • Brockley ward, Tobias Abse, Alliance for Green Socialism 111 votes, 13th place 4.03%

  • Forest Hill Ward, Sinna Mani Lewisham Peoples' Alliance 169 votes 11th place

  • Telegraph Hill ward, Chris Flood, Socialist Alternative 929 votes 3rd place ELECTED

  • Telegraph Hill ward, Jessica Leech, Socialist Alternative 821 votes 6th place

  • Telegraph Hill ward, Ian Page, Socialist Alternative 1118 votes 1st place ELECTED

Newham (all 3 vote wards bar the Mayoral election)

  • Mayoral election Abdurahman Akhtar Jafar Respect 15,881 votes 2nd place details

  • Beckton ward, Mubin Haq, Respect 386 votes 9th place

  • Beckton ward, Tipu Rahman Respect 413 votes 8th place

  • Beckton ward, Aisha Siddiqah Respect 455 votes 7th place

  • Boleyn ward, Edward Davies Respect 1082 votes 5th place

  • Boleyn ward, Omar Khawaja Respect 1007 votes 6th place

  • Boleyn ward, Moshiur Molla Respect 1219 votes 4th place

  • Canning Town North ward, Mohamed Farah Respect 313 votes 9th place

  • Canning Town North ward, Sayed Mohammed Respect 311 votes 10th place

  • Canning Town North ward, Yuri Prassad Respect 225 votes 12th place

  • Canning Town South, Berlyne Hamilton Respect 192 votes 12th place
    (n.b. ward won by Christian People's Alliance)

  • Canning Town South, Khadija Hassan Respect 225 votes 9th place

  • Canning Town South, Mohammed Rob Respect 193 votes joint 10th place

  • Custom House ward, Kevin Davis Respect 254 votes 11th place

  • Custom House ward, Abdul Ghani Respect 295 votes 9th place

  • Custom House ward, Ghada Razuki Respect 215 votes 12th place

  • East Ham Central ward, Charanjeet Hullen Respect 961 votes 6th place

  • East Ham Central ward, Fazan Khaliq Respect 1089 votes 5th place

  • East Ham Central ward, Mohammed Nakhuda Respect  1091 votes 4th place

  • East Ham North ward, Ashfaq Ahmed Respect  1390 votes 4th place

  • East Ham North ward, Mohammed Khawaja Respect  1308 votes 5th place

  • East Ham North ward, Sarah Ruiz Respect 1299 6th place

  • East Ham South ward, Raheela Ajmal Ali Respect 556 votes 5th place

  • East Ham South ward, Roderick Finlayson Respect 450 votes 8th place

  • East Ham South ward, Riaz Uddin Respect 465 votes 7th place

  • Forest Gate North ward, Muhammed Ahmed Respect  757 votes 4th place

  • Forest Gate North ward, Imran Mustak Respect 720 votes 5th place

  • Forest Gate North ward, April Williams Respect 673 votes 6th place

  • Forest Gate South ward, Zenib Jalil Respect 1250 votes 6th place

  • Forest Gate South ward, Salim Patel Respect 1296 votes 4th place

  • Forest Gate South ward, Simon Shaw Respect 1285 votes 5th place

  • Green Street East ward, Kevin Corr Respect 1168 votes 6th place

  • Green Street East ward, Abdurahman Jafar Respect 1260 votes 4th place

  • Green Street East ward, Abdul Main Respect 1180 votes 5th place

  • Green Street West ward, Hanif Abdulmuhit Respect 17512 votes 3rd place ELECTED

  • Green Street West ward, Asif Karim Respect 1829 votes 1st place ELECTED

  • Green Street West ward, Abdul Sheikh Respect 1784 votes 2nd place ELECTED

  • Little Ilford ward, Rebecca Palmer Respect 809 votes 5th place

  • Little Ilford ward, Sajid Rehman Respect 815 votes 4th place

  • Little Ilford ward, Summer Shahbaz Respect 699 votes 7th place

  • Manor Park ward, Muhammad Misbah Respect 1007 votes 5th place

  • Manor Park ward, Sana Saleem Respect 1032 votes 4th place

  • Manor Park ward, Lane Taylor Respect 890 votes 6th place

  • Plaistow North ward, Nazir Harif Respect 1007 votes 5th place

  • Plaistow North ward, Forhad Hussain Respect 1119 votes 4th place

  • Plaistow North ward, Sabia Kamali Respect 896 votes 6th place

  • Plaistow South ward, Rezwan Ahmed Respect 575 votes 5th place

  • Plaistow South ward, Mohammed Chowdhury Respect 588 votes 4th place

  • Plaistow South ward, Katherine Jennings Respect 498 votes 6th place

  • Royal Docks ward, Michael Allchin Respect 161 votes 9th place

  • Royal Docks ward, Kevin Ovenden Respect 156 votes 10th place

  • Royal Docks ward, Hsaio Hung Respect 152 votes 11th place

  • Stratford and New Town ward, Mohammad Bux Respect 605 votes 6th place

  • Stratford and New Town ward, Robert Webb Respect 631 votes 5th place

  • Stratford and New Town ward, Chorwar Zada Respect 663 votes 4th place

  • Wall End ward, Mohammed Mahboob Ahsan Respect 784 votes 7th place

  • Wall End ward, Hanif Patel Respect 765 votes 6th place

  • Wall End ward, Abdul Rauf Respect 832 votes 5th place

  • West Ham ward, Kevin Evans Respect 550 votes 5th place

  • West Ham ward, Abdul Rahim Respect 573 votes 4th place

  • West Ham ward, Mohammed Sheikh Respect  544 votes 6th place

Southwark, 3 vote wards

  • Cathedral ward, Lois Austin, Socialist Alternative 231 votes 13th place

  • Faraday ward, Margot Lindsey, Respect 359 votes 7th place

Tower Hamlets, all wards were 3 vote wards (more detail here

  • Bethnal Green South, Syeda Hussain, Respect 1342 votes 4th place

  • Bethnal Green South, Afzal Mahmood, Respect 1113 votes 5th place

  • Bethnal Green South, John Rees, Respect 973 votes 6th place

  • Bethnal Green North, Abu Choudhury  Respect 882 votes 7th place

  • Bethnal Green North, Syed Hussain  Respect 592 votes 8th place

  • Bethnal Green North, Sheila McGregor  Respect 475 votes 9th place

  • Blackwall and Cubbitt Town, Aysha Ali  Respect 411 votes 10th place

  • Blackwall and Cubbitt Town, Abdul Chowdhury  Respect 502 votes 8th place

  • Blackwall and Cubbitt Town, Terence Wells  Respect 273 votes 13th place

  • Bow East, Sahra Ali  Respect 366 votes 7th place

  • Bow East, Tansy Hoskins  Respect 307 votes 9th place

  • Bow East, Chris Nineham  Respect 309 votes 10th place

  • Bow West, Deeka Adan  Respect 505 votes 7th place

  • Bow West, Robin Hirsch  Respect 445 votes 8th place

  • Bow West, Carole Swords  Respect 425 votes 9th place

  • Bromley by bow, Rania Khan  Respect 1308 votes 2nd place ELECTED

  • Bromley by bow, Mohammed Munim  Respect 1077 votes 3rd place ELECTED

  • Bromley by bow, Rebecca Townesend  Respect 923 votes 6th place

  • East India and Landsbury, Kambiz Boomla  Respect 607 votes 6th place

  • East India and Landsbury, Martin Haywood  Respect 436 votes 12th place

  • East India and Landsbury, Mohammed Shahid  Respect 599 votes 7th place

  • Limehouse, Lufta Begum  Respect 1099 votes 2nd place ELECTED

  • Limehouse, Martin Empson  Respect 854 votes 8th place

  • Limehouse, Dulal Uddin  Respect 1092 votes 3rd place ELECTED

  • Mile End East, Ahmed Hussain  Respect 993 votes 2nd place ELECTED

  • Mile End East, Ismail Hussain  Respect 753 votes 5th place

  • Mile End East, Jacqueline Turner  Respect 752 votes 6th place

  • Mile End Globe, Kay Ballard Respect 816 votes 6th place

  • Mile End Globe, Mehdi Hassan  Respect 1012 votes 4th place

  • Mile End Globe, Glyn Robbins  Respect 717 votes 8th place

  • Millwall, Mohammed Alam-Raja  Respect 606 votes 7th place

  • Millwall, Sybil Cock  Respect 398 votes 8th place

  • Millwall, Julia Taher  Respect 312 votes 10th place

  • Shadwell, Shamim Chowdhury  Respect 1851 votes 1st place ELECTED

  • Shadwell, Abjol Miah  Respect 1789 votes 2nd place ELECTED

  • Shadwell, Mohammed Rashid  Respect 1707 3rd place ELECTED

  • Spittlefields and Banglatown, Mohammed Choudhury  Respect 471 votes 8th place

  • Spittlefields and Banglatown, Mohammed Islam  Respect 682 votes 6th place

  • Spittlefields and Banglatown, Fozol Miah  Respect 866 votes 2nd place ELECTED

  • St. Dunstan's and Stepney, Margaret Falshaw  Respect 954 votes 6th place

  • St. Dunstan's and Stepney, Miah Aleyk  Respect 1292 votes 5th place

  • St. Dunstan's and Stepney, Oliur Rahman  Respect 1351 votes 3rd place ELECTED

  • Weavers, Dilwara Begum  Respect 830 votes 5thplace

  • Weavers, Eliza Cox  Respect 489 votes 9th place

  • Weavers, Paul Fredericks  Respect 494 votes 8th place

  • Whitechapel, Shahed Ali  Respect 1449 votes 1st place ELECTED

  • Whitechapel, Waiseul Islam  Respect 1084 votes 3rd place ELECTED

  • Whitechapel, Farhana Zaman  Respect 1004 votes 6th place

Waltham Forest, 3 vote wards

  • High Street ward, Claire Buddle, Socialist Alternative 245 votes 11th place 6.8% of voters

  • Leytonstone ward, Peter Ashan, Respect 387 votes 9th place  12.3% of voters

  • Leytonstone ward, Caroline Coleman Respect 384 votes 10th place  12.3% of voters

  • Markhouse ward, Mahtab Aziz Respect 533 votes 8th place 17.4% of voters

  • Markhouse ward, Carole Vincent Respect 471 votes 9th place 15.4% of voters

Wandsworth, Tooting ward, Phillip Brand, Communist Party of Britain 136 votes 11th place 3 vote ward

Westminster, Yvonne Ridley, Respect, 565 votes, 7th place (3 vote ward)


See also London Strategic Voter


North East back to top


  • Byker ward, Paul Owens Socialist Alternative 289 votes 13% 2nd place

  • Elswick ward, Yunus Bakhsh, Respect 238 votes 4th place

  • Walker ward, Martin Levy, Communist Party 36 votes 4th place


North West back to top

Blackburn, Ismail Patel, Respect, 272 votes, 4th place

Bolton, Astley Bridge ward, Howard Broadbent Socialist Labour Party 250 votes 7% 4th place

Bootle, Netherton and Orwell ward, Pete Glover, Socialist Alternative 338 votes, 2nd place


  • Prescot West Ward, Stephen Whatham Socialist Labour Party,  149 votes 3rd place 9.9%

  • Halewood South Ward, Andrew Thompson, TUSP, 310 votes 21.8% 3rd place

  • Halewood West Ward, Eric McIntosh, TUSP, 282 votes 26.2% 2nd place (two candidates)


  • Clubmoor, Kai Anderson Socialist Labour Party 71 votes 2% 6th place

  • Riverside ward, Celia Oakwood, TUSP 64 votes 3% 6th place

  • Old Swan Ward, Paul Filby , TUSP 68 votes 2% 7th place

  • Princes Park ward, Paul Desson, Respect 281 votes 11% 3rd place


  • Rusholme, Nahella Ashraf, Respect 650 votes 3rd place 21.2%

  • Baguley ward, Lynn Worthington Socialist Alternative 214 votes 5th place 5%


St Helens,

Warrington, Fairfield & Howley ward, Michael Hughes, Community Action Party 413 votes 3rd place 20.1%


South East back to top

Crawley, Northgate ward, Derek Isaacs, Socialist Labour Party 49 votes 4th place 3.6%

Elmbridge, Moseley south ward, Phillip Chambers,  Socialist Labour Party 66 votes 4th place 4.4%

Portsmouth, Lee Sprake, Respect 217 votes, 4th place

Slough, Baylis and Stoke ward, Ghazi Khan, Respect 202 votes 4th place


  • Bar Gate ward, Edward Pope AGS 95 votes 4.54% 4th place

  • Bevois ward, Nicholas Chaffey Socialist Alternative 157 votes 6.8%

  • Portswood, John Fegan, Respect 144 votes 4.2% 9th place (2 vote ward)

  • Portswood, Jeanne Butterfield, Independent, 109 votes 3.1% 10th place (2 vote ward)


South West back to top

Bristol, Locklease ward, Jerry Hicks, Respect, 679 votes 2nd place


  • Barton & Sandhills, James Craft, Independent Working Class Association 102 votes 4th place

  • Blackbird Leys, Maurice Leen, IWCA 519 votes 2nd place

  • Churchill, David Kent, IWCA 297 votes 2nd place

  • Cowley, Philippa Whittaker, Respect 213 votes 4th place 12.7%

  • Northfield Brook, Jane Lacey, IWCA 620 votes 1st place ELECTED


  • Penzance Central, Phillip Rendle, Mebyon Kernow 135 votes 4th place

  • Penzance Promenade, Richard Clarke, Mebyon Kernow 171 votes 3rd place

  • Penzance South, Frank Granger, Mebyon Kernow 240 votes 3rd place


  • Andy Symons Respect 111 votes, 6th place, 4%


  • Western ward, Andy Newman, Socialist Unity 135 votes 5.1% 4th place

  • Gorse Hill and Pinehurst ward, Roy North, Socialist Unity  109 votes 5.5% 6th place



West Midlands back to top


  • Aston, Alliya Stennett Respect 242 votes 4th place

  • Lozells & East Handsworth, Raghib Ahsan Respect 1370 votes 3rd place

  • Sparkbrook, Salma Yaqoob Respect 4339 votes, ELECTED

  • Springfield, Salma Iqbal Respect 1690 votes 3rd place

  • Kings Heath & Moseley, Lynne Hubbard Respect 586 votes 5th place


  • Henley ward, Esther Kenny, Socialist Alternative 352 votes 3rd place

  • Lower Stoke ward, David Runnals, Socialist Alternative 292 votes 7.6%

  • Sherbourne ward, Jason Toynbee Socialist Alternative 357 votes 10%

  • St. Michael's ward, Robert Windsor Socialist Alternative ELECTED

  • Whoberley ward, Ross Saunders Socialist Alternative 338 votes 8.3%

Dudley, Belle Vale, Richard Alonzo, Respect 420 votes 3rd place

Exhall, Nuneato and Bedworth ward, Eileen Hunter, Socialist Alternative

Stoke-on-Trent, Abbey Green Ward, Paul Sutton Socialist Alternative 508 votes 3rd (BNP win)


  • Bentley and Darlaston North, Alan Paddock, Democratic Labour Party 159 votes 4th place 6.5%

  • Birchills-Leamore ward, Alan Davies, Democratic Labour Party 180 votes 4th place 7.3%

  • Blakenall ward, Peter Smith, Democratic Labour Party 824 votes 2nd place 34.4%

  • Bloxwich East ward, Terence Durrant Democratic Labour Party 110 votes 4th place 4.2%

  • Bloxwich West ward, Dave Chruch Democratic Labour Party 102 votes 5th place 3.1%

  • Willenhall South ward, Stephanie Peart Democratic Labour Party

  • Brownhills ward, Geoffrey Macmanomy Democratic Labour Party 77 votes 5th place 2.5%

  • Pelsall ward, Derek Roddy Democratic Labour Party 86 votes, 6th place 2.3%

  • Rushall-Shelfield ward, Louise Bradburn Democratic Labour Party 77 votes 5th place 2.4%

  • Palfrey ward, Nadia Fazal, Respect,  401 votes, 4th place 9.6%

  • Pleck ward, Brian Powell Democratic Labour Party 93 votes 5th place 2.5%

  • St. Matthew's, Martin Lynch, Respect, 269 votes, 4th place 6.7%


Yorkshire and Humber back to top

Huddersfield, Crosland Moor & Netherton, Jackie Grunsell Save Huddersfield NHS 2176 votes 35% ELECTED


  • Alwoodley ward, Brian Jackson Alliance for Green Socialism 275 votes, 3.73% last place

  • Chapel Allerton ward, Garth Frankland Alliance for Green Socialism 558 votes 8.97% 4th place

  • City and Hunslet ward, Sally Kincaid Respect 252 votes last place

  • Farnley & Wortley ward, Declan Normaschild Alliance for Green Socialism 40 votes last place

  • Gipton & Harehills ward, Azar Iqbal Alliance for Green Socialism 166 votes 2.86% last place

  • Guiseley & Rawdon ward, Gareth Christie AGS 55 votes 0.8% last place

  • Harewood ward, Fiona Christie Alliance for Green Socialism 36 votes 0.51% last place

  • Headingley ward, Sequoyah de Souza Vigneswaren AGS 84 votes 3.26% last place

  • Hyde Park & Woodhouse ward, Muhammad Arfan AGS 79 votes 2.75% equal last place

  • Moortown ward, Michael Davies Alliance for Green Socialism 380 votes 5.35% last place

  • Otley & Yeadon ward, Wendy Frankland Alliance for Green Socialism  84 votes 1.03% last place

  • Roundhay ward, Malcolm Christie Alliance for Green Socialism 230 votes 3.08% last place

  • Weetwood ward, Daniel Kennedy Alliance for Green Socialism 77 votes 1.32% last place


  • Burngreave ward, Maxine Bowler, Respect 1208 votes 2nd place 25.9%

  • Graves Park ward, Calvin Payne, Socialist Alternative 206 votes 6th place 4%

Wakefield, Wakefield East ward, Michael Griffiths, Socialist Alternative 231 votes 5th place 6.6%

May 2006

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