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The Great Socialist Alliance website scandal - NOT!

I've heard of any stick to beat a dog - which has been the catch phrase of the left on many an occasion - but sometimes the stick is far more silly than others.

Readers may be aware that there has been a problem with the Socialist Alliance website

This is due to technical difficulties. These technical problems have been compounded by the fact that the website editor is out of the country at the moment and the official owner of the site is one Dave Nellist. Now Mr. Nellist has renewed a couple of the other web addresses for the Alliance so it is highly unlikely that there is any foul play afoot from him, particularly as he is recognised as someone who 'plays with a straight bat' - unfortunately unusual on the left, but it does create an added complication.

It is hoped that the SA website will be back on line quite soon - but this has not stopped the rumour mongers grinding into action. For them this is another example of how the SA is being wound up, how it's a plot by leading SA members, etc. the usual accusations with a new peg to hang them on.

These are clearly very silly rumours because if you want to disband the Alliance you don't open up the possibility of someone else taking the website address. Also it neglects the obvious explanation of any kind of problem like this on the left - disorganisation and incompetence. Anyone that rules these possibilities out out of hand doesn't know the left very well. No offence.

The usual disorganisation is doubled as the Alliance, unfortunately, is already disbanded on a national level in all but a formal sense. Now of course sometimes there are plots and intrigues on the left - but this isn't one of them and people should think before they make accusations lest they end up getting a reputation as mudslingers rather than whistleblowers.


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July 2004


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