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Where's Ireland gone? Declan O'Neill

Appeal: Help Me Stay Camille Natta

Workers in Control: Venezuela’s Occupied Factories Pablo Cormenzana

Solidarity: a Movement for Socialism Gary Frasier

Solidarity – A New Movement and a New Party Gordon Morgan

Fact and Fiction in the SSP Martin Wicks

Real Alternative Is Inside Labour Phil Mitchinson

Muslims are trying to integrate, despite New Labour's best efforts  Nasser Amin

Oppose the Occupation or Support Iraqi Progressives? Richard Marchese-Robinson

Fire-fighters and gay pride Jim Jepps

Corner on Christ! Dave Marlow

Prospects grow for left in Labour Jon Rogers

Israeli movement vs oppression Gen Passamonte

Don't drive Tamil people into LTTE Raja Collure

Fact and Fiction - what's happened in the SSP? Martin Wcks

Defeat for SSP - what went wrong? Steve Freeman

Managing debate on Zionism Mick Hall

The process belongs to the people Oscar Olivera

Israel's Dual Onslaught On Lebanon And Palestine Gilbert Acher

Protest needs to be sustained, coherent, forceful, persistent, and bold Anthony Arnove

Make Capitalism History? Salman Shaheen

Is the BNP Nazi? No, it's worse: it isn't  Andrew McKibben

Suited And Jack-Booted - Despite the hype, the BNP are still a Fascist party Ben Drake

Islamic Fundamentalism : Fascism or National Liberation? Taimur Rahman

A Woman’s Right to Choose Louise Whittle

The U.S. role in Darfur, Sudan Sara Flounders

Equal Fights Carolyn Leckie MSP

Sectarianism is a traditional weapon of colonisers Liz Davies

Family values, hate speech and the right to be gay in Nigeria Cary Alan Johnson & Fadzai Muparutsa

A Chartist trade union party? Steve Freeman

The Current Violence in Timor-Leste ETAN

Australia's super-exploited workers Peter Boyle

Torturers 'R' us Mumia Abu Jamal

ESF: Athenian democracy Hilary Wainwright

Dalai Lama attacks anal, oral and 'manual' sex Derek Wall

Here comes a republic? – Nepal and Britain compared Steve Freeman

Greens and Lib Dems - From Limehouse to Campbell and beyond Rupert Read

Open letter to Channel Four on Venezuela coverage Nina Lopez

Democracy for the millions not the millionaires Steve Freeman

It's time to bite the bullet Greg Tucker

Learning a new politics Hilary Wainwright

Left unity in Pakistan: The historical divisions are breaking down Farooq Tariq

Black Woman Running for the California Greens Donna Warren

Triumph of the Will (Hutton) Tawfiq Chahboune

Berlusconi and his fascist and populist allies have to be defeated Mariangela Casalucci

The Chilean experience of building an alternative left José Antonio Vergara

Overthrowing Babylon Andy Newman

Islam, Socialism, Racism, Islamaphobia and Civility Ismaeel-Haneef Hijazi

Why did the Banlieues burn? Colin Falconer

Where there is no vision, the people perish Nandor Tanczos

Together Chile's left can do more Tomas Hirsh

Give our kids the books they need (full version) Helen Davitt

Learning a new politics Hilary Wainwright

CHOMSKY - Defending the truth Tawfiq Chahboune

“Home owning democracy”: What’s in a phrase? Martin Wicks

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Megan Quinn

The Danish cartoons Alan Thornett

"No Offence"…Of Course Tawfiq Chahboune

Will You Help Me Become A Hero Of Free Speech? Ben Drake

Dubai Tours

A Bizarre Beginning in Bolivia James Petras

Not a question of bad people selling out the working class in N. Ireland Colm Breathnach

Isn't hell punishment enough for blasphemers? Mark Steel

For an arms trade which meets real human needs Stuart Jordan

RMT conference on working class political representation Jim Jepps

Creating a space to think and fight Hilary Wainwright

For a one day general strike Paul Holborough

Canadian Election - Turning Bad Harold Lavender

The "entropy" of city Academies Tawfiq Chahboune

The Democratic Socialist Perspective and the Socialist Alliance

The debate inside the SSP Andy Newman

Broad Socialist Parties and the Cadre Question  Andy Newman

Green policy makers need to understand anti-capitalist thinking Peter Cranie

Victimising communities is the government's job Jim Jepps

Military occupation is followed by economic occupation Hassan Jumaa Awad

Humanitarian Imperialism Jean Bricmont

Srebrenica - "defending the truth"

The prestigious Socialist Unity 2005 awards

“If Evo doesn’t nationalize the gas, he will fall like Lozada” Jaime Solares

“The MAS is of the Centre-Left” Álvaro García Linera, new vice president of Bolivia

Out Of The Cold: Unions Refuse To Tip The Hangman Tawfiq Chahboune

Give our kids the books they need Helen Davott

We Need a Completely Different Economic System Caroline Lucas

Humanising the resistance in Iraq Rahul Mahajan

Reflections on 2005 Respect conference Sean Thompson

Building Respect: how do we get beyond the current stage? Alan Thornett

Galloway and the missed vote Andy Newman

Blogging: New Commentariat or New Grub Street?

We’re back! Pete McLaren and Steve Freeman

Why the French blame riots on polygamy Mark Steel

Dead Spanish construction workers pay the price of the market Pete Brown

Very Brown Noses On Less Brown FacesTawfiq Chahboune

Alan Thornett Racial and religious hatred bill - a serious threat the free speech

Ted Crawford Workers of the World Unite; except in Pakistan...

Pete Brown What next for Europe?

Tawfiq Chahboune Books of common despair?

Marcus Strom and Greg Adler Australian Socialist Alliance in a sorry state

Martin Wicks Keep our NHS public

Tawfiq Chahboune Water-skiing slug? Hitchens jumps a shark

Salman Shaheen Peace One Day

Martin Wicks A Chavez Ravine - in every town

John Bunzi Live 8 - Making poverty history or entrenching our irresponsibility?

Bolivia Solidarity Campaign Nationalise the hydrocarbon reserves call a constituent assembly

Gregor Gall Building grassroots leadership in the SSP

Álvaro García Linera  Marxism and Indigenism in Bolivia: A Dialectic of Dialogue and Conflict

Nick McKerrell Marxism and the SSP

Steve Freeman Those bloody people! Republican socialists and that wedding

Briggs Bomba Let's get free or die trying

Pete Brown Another Europe is possible

Martin Wicks A merger on whose terms?

Dave Riley Australian SA moves forward

Tim Boetie What's wrong with the G8

Joe Bunzi Live 8 - Making poverty history or entrenching our irresponsibility-

Sam Wainwright Turning up the heat in Australia; opposing Howard's attacks on workers

Boilivia SC Nationalise the hydrocarbon reservescall a constituent assembly

Tawfiq Chahboune Legendary and stupefying; the indiscretions of...

Iain MacWhirter First you scare them, then you play on their fears

How the police see crowds

Gregor Gall Building grassroots leadership in the SSP

Alvaro Garcia Linera Marxism and Indigenism in Bolivia- A Dialectic of Dialogue and Conflict

Nick McKerrell Marxism and the SSP

Andy Newman Reply to NZ Alliance comrades

Richards and Billot In defence of the Alliance; A critical response to Mike Treen

JM Thorn Respect victory; a new dawn for the left-

Ben Drake Sects, lies and shibboleths; Respect is for all of us

Steve Freeman Those bloody people! Republican socialists and that wedding

Andy Newman The horror, the horror of witchcraft

Briggs Bomba Let's get free or die trying

Taqfiq Chahboune The (Lord Privy) Seal of Respect

David Glanz Where to next for the Australian Socialist Alliance-

Alan Thornett We should join Respect everywhere - and build it

John Nicholson Should we join RESPECT - or not-

Pete Brown Another Europe is possible

Martin Wicks A merger on whose terms-

Peter Boyle The way forward for left regroupment

Taqfiq Chahboune Visiting the personal clinic of Christopher Hitchens

Hilary Wainwright The left and power - the Italian way

Salvatore Cannavo Why Negri is wrong about the European Constitution

Craig Johnson 'If you don't fight, you lose'

Tawfiq Chahboune with Nick Cohen New Labour's Weirdness (p1)

Tawfiq Chahboune with Nick Cohen I don't give a toss about UN weapons inspectors (p2)

Andy Newman The SWP's "Scottish turn"-

Tony de Brum The nuclear legacy that haunts us

NZ interviews Dave Colyer of Socialist Worker

NZ interviews Mike Treen of the Unite union

Eva Golinger What the CIA could learn from Venezuela

Peter Cranie A considered Green response ('05 election)

Stan Goff An open letter to US Democrats

George Galloway Galloway vs the US Senate

Nick Bird Respect can be a real advance for the radical left

John Rees Respect win is only the start

George Galloway A new dawn has broken over the East End

Ibrahim Nafie Interview with Venezuelan Vice-President

Hilary Wainwright Anti-war movement learning from Vietnam

Matthew Caygill Balanced view of Respect in Red Pepper

Terry Eagleton The Pope has blood on his hands

Andy Newman Stop the Lib Dem's 'poll tax'

Michel Collon Yes, Kouchner lied about Bosnia

Andy Newman What the election means

Martin Wicks Mendacity

Rob Griffiths Why vote Labour

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Farooq Sulehria Not quite Iraq's first Shia prime minister

Herbert Docena 'The Iraqi resistance is a popular resistance'

Derek Wall Only a socialist society will meet human needs and sustain ecological diversity

Nandor Tzancos interview Companies patent nature and sell us back what is already ours

Salman Shaheen Travellers

Richard Hindes Don't just (not) vote

Matt Sellwood The Greens and the General Election

Andy Newman Cambridge Respect - think again!

Nebojsa Malic An Evil Little War

John Pilger Be proud of what you've achieved

Gilbert Acher Marxists and Religion

Joel Beinin Popular social movements and the future of Egyptian politics

Mohammed Hassan What's behind the assassination of Hariri?

Andy Newman Controversy in Australian Socialist Alliance

Giuliana Sgrena My truth

Jane Kelly Food, health and Mega Profits

Declan O'Neill British justice?

Dave Riley Progress for Australian Socialist Alliance

Eamonn McCann Where now for the Republican Movement-

Salman Shaheen Our zeitgeist- putting aside our differences to make a difference

Gilbert Acher Whither Iraq?

Richard Hindes Open letter to the anti-occupation movement

Martin Wicks "Stop poisoning our children..."

Caroline Lucas Not just military, but economic occupation

Featherstone, Henwood & Parenti Activism; left anti-intellectualism and its discontents

Margaret Manning Soon we'll have to pay for the air we breathe

Reg Keys Common sense must rule

George Galloway Our duty is to support the struggle against imperialism

Craig Murray UK complicit in torture in Uzbekistan

Ricardo Galindez Revolution today, capitalism, crisis and resistance in Venezuela

Hassan Juma'a Iraqi union leader speaks in London

Salma Yaqoob Against criminalising communities

Andy Newman The Socialist Alliance no longer exists,the task of left unity continues

Alfredo Saad Filho Brazil- The Workers Party and neo-liberalism

Salman Shaheen Taking liberties with the Veritas

Ron Davies Socialism, devolution and Welsh identity

Ted Crawford The distribution of casualties bysocial class in the armed services

Richard Seymour Johann Hari and China Mievilledebate who to vote for at the ICA

Steve Freeman Defend the Socialist Alliance

Michael Murray Socialists anonymous? - a practical guide

Roundtable Talking about Respect

Ben Drake Against reaction not religion

Seamus Milne The struggle is no longer against religion, but within it

Andy Newman Johann Hari's struggle with the Truth

Johann Hari Response to Socialist Unity

Andy Newman A further reply to Johann Hari

Glyn Robbins Finding Respect

Jim Jepps The SSP and the anti-war movement

John Nicholson Legal help for immigration and asylum

Tony Greenstein Secularism and the SWP

Dave Landau In defence of secularism

Andy Newman Abortion and viability

Marcus Strom Reply to Andy Newman on CPGB

Peter Tatchell The Greens are the new radical left party

Alan Thornett Debate on the european radical left

David Brown Socialists Anonymous?

Ian Donovan Scatter gun defence

Ben Drake The trouble with secularism

Liz Davies and Mike Marqusee On a heavier note

Hilary Wainwright The European Social Forum hits London

Andy Newman In defence of the SWP

Ben Drake RESPECT and the big wide world out there

Samir Haddad and Mazin Ghazi Who kills hostages in Iraq

John Nicholson Changes to the draft constitution

Andy Hannah and Ian Donovan Censorship, in private and public

Various Discussion on Chechnya

Salman Shaheen Time to make a change on sweatshops

A manifesto No one is illegal

Andy Newman Prospects for a broad socialist party

Steve Cohen The value of winning

John Pilger Bush versus Kerry, the fake debate

Azmi Bishari An antithesis is not an alternative

John Nicholson A unity coalition

Jonah Gindin The Referendum process in Venezuela

John Mullen Islamophobia divides the left in France

Ben Drake I, Robot; a reply to a reply

Steve Cohen Solidarity not pity

Andy Newman The value of compassion

Terry Conway Defend a woman's right to choose

Steve Cohen Solidarity not pity

John Pilger Bush versus Kerry; the fake debate

Mike Marqusee A reply to Ben Drake

Ben Drake You don't want to do it like that

Andy Newman BNP infiltration - a security assessment

John Nicholson A unity coalition

Andy Newman Prospects for a broad socialist party

Jim Higgins Time to give the left the deodorant treatment

Peter Cranie The threat from racism and the far right

Andy Newman First rung on the ladder

Issawi and Efra The death of the two state solution

Terry Teague The campaign for a workers' party

Andy Newman Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Ben Drake Quick reply to Andrew Walton

Declan O'Niell Against first Past the Post

John Laughland Fill full the mouth of famine

Sandra Leslie Hiroshima; the case against nuclear weapons

Andrew Walton SOS and Yvonne Ridley

Jim Jepps Against Proportional Representation

Dave Landau Call for a united anti-fascist movement

Andy Newman Hartlepool - a monkey puzzle for RESPECT

Andy Newman Yvonne Ridley and education

Declan O'Neill Washing our dirty linen

Lindsey German A badge of honour

Jim Jepps Why do we stand in elections?

Ken Livingstone Why I can't agree with the RMT

Steve Wallis For a socialist party in England

Alan Thornett Now let's build RESPECT

Andy Newman On the communal vote

Mike Davies Welsh election results

John Valtin German Social Democracy in meltdown

Colin Millen Down Wiv Skool

Helmut Ettinger Election report from Germany

Rupert Mallin The elections put class back on the agenda

Nick Bird The storm did not break

Declan O'Neill Alternative Ulster, Alternative Europe

Declan O'Neill South of the border

Nick Savage Is socialist unity an oxymoron?

Martin Wicks What happened?

Peter Cranie A Green response to the elections

John Mullen A first response from the French elections

Will McMahon First response to the GLA results

Andy Newman A mixed bag of results

Andy Newman Reaction to the local election results

Jim Jepps No boycott of the Indy

Matthew Caygill Navigating towards unity

John Mullen Dispatches from the French election

Andy Newman The end of an era?

Mike Davies Build a Welsh socialist alternative

Huw Williams Vote RESPECT Wales

Tim Oxton A letter from the Italian election

John Nicholson A pre-prediction on the election

Ken Davis Australian socialists seek Spanish solution

Andy Newman Second preference for Livingstone

John Pearson Support socialist local election candidates

Mike Davies Four left votes in Wales

Andy Newman Can Labour be reclaimed?

Alan Thornett The significance of RESPECT

Andy Newman Campaigning in the community

Jim Jepps Dreaming of a new left

Andy Newman Weekly Worker; love it or hate it?

Peter Cranie More on fighting fascism

Alan Thornett Revolutionaries and the united front

Martin Wicks Socialists and the European union

Eamonn McCann We should welcome the referendum

Jim Jepps Which way for the anti-war movement?

Andy Newman  Anyone but Bush

John Nicholson Some implications for postal voting

Nick Bird A strategy for fighting fascism

Andy Newman On republicanism

Declan O'Neill RESPECT needs some answers

Ben Drake Better in than out

Peter Cranie How we stop the BNP

John Nicholson Is the movement metrocentric?

Andy Newman On the workers wage

Dave Landau Responding to Activate

John Nicholson For a flexible, fraternal approach

McMahon & Cayhill Thoughts on SA conference

Tim Oxton Initial responses



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Rosie Kane jailed over anti-nuke demo

Bolivia: miners clash, dozens killed and injured

Lula struggles to keep Presidency

Sheridan's web of deceit

Ecuador looks to left as election looms

Set back in Germany

A SPECTRE is haunting new Labour

Love in a cold climate: Scottish socialists go their separate ways

Basra oil workers strike

Scottish Socialist Party to split
This is our truth SSV editorial
The Future of Socialism, Tommy Sheridan
SSP exec, Richie Venton, SWP & CWI statements

Extensive SSP crisis archive

CWI on 2001 split with Sheridan

The New Zinoviev Letter; Enfield Gazette witch hunts NHS campaigners

SSP all members bulletin (pdf)

Sheridan's defamation case: Sheridan, United LeftSWP, RCN & 3 MSPs, Charlie McCarthy, ISG

Labour NEC results 2006

MSP's welcome perjury investigation

John McDonnell leadership challenge

Where to go for news on Palestine

Victory for women's rights in Gambia

Left wins Bolivian assembly elections

Blaenau Gwent by-election victory

Kidnapping democracy in Palestine

GMB wins collective bargaining in  ASDA  depots

Prodi gets vote of confidence on constitution

Lucas:  talks collapse could be "best for poorest"

Dave: The most dangerous man in politics?

Iraqi oil union bank account frozen

ASDA workers vote for strike

SSP Our Party - Our decisions

Blaenau Gwent - a new kind of politics?

120 Detainees on Hunger Strike at Campsfield

Charlie Haughey. Comebacks and kick-backs

Site news: Blair's resignation can be doubly fun

Punjab's peasant movement  wont pay anymore

Launch of the Green Party Left

Shoot first, ask questions later?

The Morales effect

Courts jail SSP official
- open letter to SSP members Tommy Sheridan
- Scottish Socialist Voice editorial comment
- SSP official fined for contempt
- The state the crisis the SSP and republicanism

Police break up Moscow's first gay pride march

Courts jail SSP official

Hands off East Timor!

No nukes is good nukes

Radical Youth threatens another walkout in NZ

SSP Four face court commission minutes demand

Kenya; Will the racist Chelmondeley walk away with another case of cold blooded murder?

Armed Forces Bill 2006

University Challenge

Stanstead hijacking - when will the Government accept defeat?

Health Crisis, what crisis?

Much 'Ado' about deportation of Foreign Nationals

Italian election - close enough?

France: Biggest youth movement since 68

Sham marriage Act - declared bogus

Another Anniversary, another March

Israel invades Palestinian jail as UK prison monitors dessert posts

HE strikes - Unity or politics?

Socialist platform launched in the Green Party

Colombian police kill student demonstrator

NHS in crisis; profits cutting services to the bone

Government advisors reject nuclear power

New Lib Dem leader backs post office privatisation

What's behind Livingstone's suspension?
- (Transcript of Livingstone's 'offensive' remarks)

Iran - sabre rattling or real threat?

New Labour and the Enron extraditions

Urgent message of support to the Philippines

Who let the bombs out?

NCADC - Must Stay!

Labour disaster in Dunfermline by-election

Cartoon chaos

Poor Operator safety cost lives in Red Sea

Scottish prescription bill hard to swallow

Why Nick Griffin and Mark Collett won - and truth lost 

Vigils across the country mark UK's 100th military casualty

Google joins the great firewall

Some MPs are gay - shock

Chile elects woman president

Media Witch hunts do nothing to make schools safer.

 Morales elected new President of Bolivia

Simultaneous protests target Scottish airports over torture flights

No to climate change; global day of action

Police crush World Aids Day march in Zimbabwe, activists arrested

Police steal and threaten in sex worker raids

Shoot to kill racist reply to Roma rights

Milan Rai jailed - please send support

Police continue attack on Indigenous communities in Cauca, while land occupations grow

Zimbabwean Women on Hunger Strike in Yarl's Wood Removal Centre

250,000 rally in Australia against anti trade union laws

Tanks used against Indigenous communities in El Japo, Colombia

The riots in France; they are right to revolt

Government escapes humiliation by a single vote

Tabloids go berserk over Sun editor's assault on soap star

The real Rosa Parks (Znet)

Revolutionary solidarity caravan reaches Kashmir

Galloway challenges the US senate

Shoot the speechwriters!

Court rules that prisoners have right to vote

Musical tales of the (un)expected

The Superdome: Monument to a rotten system

German election offers chance of breakthrough for left

Ken Clarke tells truth about Iraq shock

Gate Gourmet provoked industrial action to justify sackings

Declan O'Neill Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice - obituary of Edward Heath

German left PDS changes name to reflect new opportunities

Statements Respect and SSP statements on the London bombings

American national hockey union crushed

Andy Newman Olympics 2012 - a defeat for Londoners

Gill Hubbard We turned out in our thousands

Jim Jepps The anti-capitalist hustle

Jim Jepps Dungavel- don't fence me in

Jim Jepps Why Reuben got miffed

Jim Jepps The Carnival for Full Enjoyment

Jim Jepps 'Fight poverty not wars'- reflections on the march

Independence (from America) Day at Menwith Hill

Respect Galloway backs SSP suspension fight

Scottish Socialist MSPs suspended after G8 protest

Australia; tens of thousands march against attacks on workers

Press Police disciplinary reveals further flaws in investigation of racist murder

Obituary; Charles David Keeling - climate scientist who first charted rise in greenhouse gases

Indymedia Bristol Indymedia server seized by police in run up to G8

Latest ID card scandal show that Big Brother will be privatised

SSP press SSP targets Royal Bank of Scotland

Jerusalem bans gay pride parade

Bolivia's gas war moves inside

Coca Cola pulls out of G8 sponsorship

Basildon's bulldozer law

Andy Newman Tyson quits

Jim Jepps Bolivian military threatens intervention as new President is named

Now its F for Freedom

Jim Jepps Is road pricing the way forward?

Jim Jepps UNISON NEC elections see left step back

News Irish left wins union leadership

Jim Shultz Bolivian President Mesa resigns amidst mass protests

News Family of Sussex man murdered in racist attack demand justice

News Rosie Kane invites Castro to G8 Counter Summit

Andy Newman Lords to hear anti-war test case

News Leaked G8 document prepares for summit failure on climate change

Andy Newman Rainbow Warrior bombers try to censor New Zealand TV

Jim Wurst Majority views sidelined at NPT conference

News New party of left envisioned in Ireland

Munyaradzi Gwisai Zimbabwe; as the MDC and Zanu PF grow closer so too do calls for mass action

Herman de Tollenaere  Dutch vote NO to big government, big money, big media

John Mullen French workers reject the dictatorship of the market

Nicola Bullard France- A great victory against neo-liberalism

Andy Newman Freed Australian trade unionist vows to continue struggle

News Lindis Percy fights on

Andy Newman Manchester United R.I.P.

Salman Shaheen Travellers demonstrate against eviction

News Insult added to injury for Rover workers

Simon Assaf and Charlie Kimber, How they forged the case against Galloway

News Nuclear weapons protest in Plymouth

John Mullen News from France; the referendum is key

News Five million say scrap nuclear weapons

News Sedgemore quits Labour but turns the wrong way

News Lecturers vote for Israeli boycott

Reuters Labour stalwart quits Blair team over Iraq

News Scab union betrays AA staff

News Anti-racist campaigners condemn 'airbrush racism'

News Baghdad march against US occupation

Ken Smith 'Nationalise Rover' call by candidate

Andy Newman Israel honours terrorists

News Peace campaigner faces eviction

Press Association BNP leader on race hate charges

News 'Pull the plug' on BNP broadcast

News Curran resigns as GMB leader

News Galloway calls for halt to postal voting

News US Army not to prosecute over deaths of prisoners

Jim Jepps Worldwide demonstrations against war

Nick Bird Unions force retreat on pension plans

Andy Newman Egypt - on the road to democracy?

Tim Shorrock Wolfowitz's sordid past

Jim Jepps Price thrown out of Commons over war

News Extending media access in Venezuela

News Prentis wins UNISON election

Jim Jepps Blair plays the bully on terror

Jim Jepps Cheers Peers: Lords reject terror bill

News GMB exposes BNP criminals

Jim Jepps US soldiers open fire on freed hostage

Jim Jepps BBC reveals racist violence behind refugee 'solutions'

News Cambridge Oakington Concern statement

Nick Bird Muslim schoolgirl unlawfully excluded

News Lib Dems vote against workers' rights

Andy Newman Venezuelan government seizes Lord Vestey's estate

Pip Hinman More Australian troops to Iraq sharpens opposition to war

Jim Jepps Pensions revolt hots up

PRC Appeal for Giuliana Sgrena's release

Jim Jepps Left turn in Portugal

Jim Jepps Who's racist, Ken Livingstone or the Evening Standard-

Ken Livingstone There'll be no apology

Andy Newman Analysis of Iraqi election results

John Aston and Cathy Gordon Iraq war protesters "denied justice"

SSP News Colin Fox elected as SSP convenor

Nick Bird Media frenzy over another royal wedding

News Socialists arrested in Cairo

Andy Newman Iraqis vote under the shadow of the gun

News Socialist Alliance to be dissolved

Andy Newman Max Schmeling- a quiet anti-fascist hero

News Left wins FBU Assistant General Secretary election

News Iraqi trade unionist released

John Rogers and Roger Bannister UNISON General Secretary election interviews

Colin Fox and Alan McCombes Interview with candidates for SSP convenor

Group Iraqi exiles call for an end to the occupation

Jim Jepps Hackney by election result

John Nicholson Law centres put pressure on Blair

Human Rights Watch Call for prosecutions over human rights abuses

Dave Landau Stop the National Front marching in Woolwich on Saturday

Jim Jepps Mark Thatcher to plead guilty on coup charges

Andy Newman Iraq's farcical elections

Jim Jepps Defending the home

Jim Jepps The hunt for WMD at an end

Jim Jepps Cambridge protests save architecture school

Press RESPECT selects East London election candidates

TUC condemns murder of Iraqi trade unionist

Declan O'Niell Paisley says no but what of the left-

Sami Joseph Yasser Arafat 1929 - 2004

Alex Gordon Interview with IFTU representatives

Bob Pounder Open verdict on asylum seeker who slept in wheelie bin

Peter Cranie A good election to lose-

Charlie Pottins Comment on Palestinians and Football

Jim Jepps Hartlepool, no surprises

Andy Newman US army feels the strain

Andy Newman Iraq's kidnapping horror

Nick Bird Bonfire of jobs, prepare for the fire works

From reports BNP smashed in Laindon by election

James Venables Bristol woman wards off soldiers in Palestine

Jim Jepps The right gets Bolshy

Andy Newman So goodbye Cloughie

Rupert Mallin For Fox sake

Report How did your MP vote on the hunt ban?

Andy Newman Football and the Palestinians

Dave Landau BNP win council by election

Andy Newman Mixed results for RESPECT by elections

Jim Jepps A new wave of social protest in Germany

Andy Newman Israel make friends in Iraq

NCADC Lack of objectivity in Home Office country reports

Jim Jepps Bitter fruits of Russian Imperialism

Report RESPECT push Labour into third place

Rosa Prince Text of story in the Daily mirror

Andy McSmith Text of story in Independent on Sunday

Jim Jepps 1,100 arrests as protests continue

Joel Kenrick Eye witness from New York

Jim Jepps Half a million against Bush in New York

Martin Wicks Shaun Brady's unusual speech writer

UK NGOs Open letter to the ESF process from British NGOs

Jim Jepps French fascists face growing split

Jim Jepps New asylum figures no cause for celebration

John Nicholson BNP infiltrate SWP

Andy Newman UPDATE; Mole quits ASDA

Louise Noustratpour Text of Morning Star article

Manchester UAF Manchester UAF statement

Andy Newman Strike against occupation

Jim Jepps Shaun Brady sacked for gross misconduct

Jim Jepps Tories oppose accountable policing

Nick Bird Mood Hardens in PCS

Press Outer space warfare on the horizon

RESPECT Hartlepool select candidate

Barrie Hudson Racists target Dad on the net

Christine Buckley and Helen Rumbelow Go left Labour or face new party

Press Groups call for ID cards to be shelved

Jim Jepps RESPECT wins by election

Jim Jepps Mandelson - he's back!

Compilation Paul Foot 1937 - 2004

Jim Jepps Belgium introduces Tobin Tax

Jim Jepps By election body blow for Labour

Andy Newman Butler's quiet assassination of Blair

Jim Jepps Tut, tut. UKIP get into hot water

Jim Jepps Dear Gordon, you're costing us dear

RESPECT Tory poll shows RESPECT in third place in Hodge Hill

Jim Jepps Lib Dems attack Birmingham candidate

Andy Newman Let freedom reign

Jim Jepps FBU takes historic break from Labour


Andy Newman Euro 2004 - altogether now?

Joint release Sale of bulldozers to Isreal

Green press Celebrations over gay rights victory in the Lords

Matthew Caygill Big losers and small winners; what happened in the election

Andy Newman Didn't they do well? UKIP's successes

John Nicholson Going postal - did it work?

Jim Jepps BNP fails to make breakthrough

Jim Jepps You better start swimming

Jim Jepps Last days until the election

Doug Thompson Bush's erratic behaviour

Jim Jepps D-Day commemorations sweep Europe

Jim Jepps Rome greets Bush with demonstrations

Jim Jepps Outrage at flavoured cigarettes

Jim Jepps Stop the Nazi broadcasts

Andy Newman Scandal at deepcut barracks

Jim Jepps UKIP surge in the polls

Kurt Nimmo Has the CIA privatised torture?

Andy Newman Obituary; Des Warren

Grassroots FBU No to witch hunts in the FBU

Andy Newman Introducing the new Iraqi flag

Jim Jepps Deported Colombian murdered

Jim Jepps Occupying forces in shock and awe

Dave Landau When the racists aren't racist enough

John Mullen Congratulations to the French left

Andy Newman Congratulations to the French left

Jim Jepps What's wrong with foundation hospitals?

Jim Jepps Yassin assassinated, the cycle continues

Jim Jepps Spain rejects terror and lies

Jim Jepps Revolt of the nobodies


Sports News

A Palestinian playing for Israel’s most racist club?

Sexism at the Madrid Open

The Champ Meets the Chump: Bush and Ali

Green conference questions sustainable 2012 Olympics

The ingratitude of Real Madrid


Maradonna inspires the left

The Superdome; monument to a rotten system

American National Hockey union crushed

Olympics 2012 - A defeat for Londoners

Tyson quits

Man United RIP

Obituary - Max Schmeling: A quiet

Comment on Palestinian football

So goodbye, Cloughie

Football and the Palestinians

Euro 2004 - all together now?



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Blair's resignation can be doubly fun

Like the site? Make a donation to keep us going!

Blair's resignation can be doubly fun

2006 election resource page

New look to the site

Model motion on RMT conference

In the coming general election- who should the left support-

Who will you vote for- We want to know

Socialist Green Unity Coalition

Socialist Unity motion to Stop the War Coalition national conference

Motion to Socialist Alliance conference

Details of the Socialist Alliance final conference

It's been a long time coming - Socialist Unity is alive & kicking

Statement on Mail interview with George Galloway

We've certain realities to face

Proposed amendment on platforms in RESPECT

Proposed motion on unity

Agenda for RESPECT conference

Standing orders for conference

Appeal for RESPECT motion on Secularism

Election strategy motion

Socialist Alliance, still breathing?

Conference agenda

Standing orders

Are we ready for a delegates conference?

RESPECT conference

Moving forwards

Two important by elections

RESPECT's call for help

Euroelections articles, reports and comment, all in one place

The polls have closed, where now?

The unity site in June

The clock is ticking

What is a good vote?

RESPECT is on the move

What are the chances of a 4th party getting elected?

Motion to RESPECT executive

How do the elections work?

Euro-election resources

All under one umbrella



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Solidarity conference report

Venezuela campaign backs McDonnell

Solidarity for Huanuni miners killed opposing privatisation by force

Hands off Venezuela statement on coming elections (pdf)

McDonnell Labour leadership campaign launch

Support Peter Gitau Gichura, disabled activist

Eyewitness from Gaza

Update on case of refugee researcher sacked from Salford University, UK

Two Children Detained Illegally at Yarl's Wood IRC

Sex workers unite for the common good

Indonesia, Mass rally launches new electoral party

Assassination of Trade Unionist in Barrancabermeja

Appeal from Italy’s Il Manifesto

Briefing: the crisis in the Middle East

Take the Israel Challenge

Oscar Olivera speaking tour of UK

Workers' control not immigration controls

GMB strike ballot result due Weds.

Michael Wills MP is worried about votes…

Ilengela Must Stay Campaign

Begum Belongs to Dover

Adiza and Harnaik Must Stay!

Ruth Kelly makes major speech on Decent Homes

Elizabeth still needs our help

Letter from Colnbrook Removal Centre

Green Euro MP to Quiz Spanish authorities over treatment of refugees

Keep our streets safe from bogus journalists

CND supports activists' challenge to  SOCPA

Councillors unite against academy

Campaigners Oppose Pennine Hospital Job Cuts

Elizabeth must stay

Ashraf family must stay

Join the 'Renew for Freedom' campaign

European Social Forum – Athens

Two tales of one incident at Colnbrook Removal Centre

Maleho Family belong to Plymouth

Peace Tax Seven; War pours our tax money down the drain

Courts defend right to protest

Evelyn & Bendicta belong to Wakefield

83% of Asda Wal-Mart Shoppers Want Tougher Rules For Supermarkets

Campaign against proposed Academy in Swindon

Fairford Five status report

Republic Roadshow report

Colnbrook Detention Centre Hunger Strike

Won’t fight, Won’t Pay! Tax protest against war

Section nine (pdf originally from Socialist Lawyer)

Waveney tenants reject sell-off

Mehmet Tarhan is free!

Green MEP condemns budget’s failure on climate

Access for Peace - A Human Rights Worker Writes of her Christmas in Israeli Detention

Scrap 'Vouchers' for failed asylum seekers who can't be removed

Asylum for Tham Sarki - the battle resumes

Kate Hudson to give evidence to defence select committee

Pakistani Left Unite, AJT formed

Arms trade activists spread the word at London Book Fair

Defecting from Labour

Detainees, know your medical rights (word)

Russia; a time for trade unions

Irish shop steward wins back her job

Furniture Firm Announces Closure By Text Message To Staff  

GMB Slams AA for Targeting Staff for Redundancy by Text Message 

GMB Wins First Ever Unfair Dismissal Case For Sex Workers Branch

CND campaigner Cllr Ray Davies has brought no one into disrepute

Obituary; Sidney Hinkes

Vivian Abbe Ojie & Family - Campaign To Stay!

CND Condemns UK/US Nuclear Weapons Test 

Disastrous cuts planned for 'Immigration' helplines

The Peace Tax seven in court

North Wiltshire Council vote against ID Cards

Workers' control not immigration controls

Campaigners welcome Church divestment vote on Caterpillar

Last days before Dunfermline and West Fife by-election

Asad, Tahira and Masroor Must Stay

GMB Slams AA for Targeting Staff for Redundancy by Text Message 

GMB Wins First Ever Unfair Dismissal Case For Sex Workers Branch

UK court victory for Palestine solidarity protesters

Respect Party Forum launched

Scrap Section 9!  Stop Destitution and Deportation Now!

Guilty of opposing the arms trade

Detainees punished over protest at suicide

G8, Gleneagles and the movement of movements

RMT conference on working class political representation

Ireland: Union steward sacked for wearing a union badge

In Memory of Bereket Yohannes born Eritrea 1980

Labour legend stands for Scottish Socialists

Cut numbers on incapacity benefit by addressing stress at work

Stop the war financial appeal

Basildon ethnic cleansing

Columbian army murders social activists

A Model Trade Union Resolution And Action Programme Against Immigration Controls

An open RMT meeting to discuss the crisis in working class representation

GMB Announce Five 24 Hour Strike & Cover Ban By 6,000 British Gas Engineers 

World's First Starbucks Strike Spreads To 10 Stores

The means to fight globalisation? Using the internet to support rank-and-file trade unionism

US Peace felons

Student slapped down for defending Palestinian right to resist

URGENT Christmas appeal for destitute women seeking asylum

Report on the International Peace Conference on Dec 10th

Full IPC statement

Iraq Occupation Focus conference

Climate change demo report

Tax-Refusnik’s day in court

BNP losing ground in Grays

Police threaten Brighton protesters

First trial under new anti-protest legislation

Asda Wal-Mart: Cutting Costs at any Cost

Innocent Must Stay Campaign



LabourStart TV - a new era in union communications?

No victory yet
UNISON United Left statement on pensions

How to be a greener driver

Come to the Iraq Occupation Focus conference

Bethlehem 300 Checkpoint

Edinburgh Stock Transfer: Council panic after 'No' successes

Green conference questions sustainable 2012 Olympics

NZ Workers Charter movement supported by Socialist Workers

Colchester Save Our Bus Station Campaign

Campaign for a new workers' party

Socialism 2005: Campaign for a New Workers Party Launched

Twinning with Palestine

Stop the BNP in Thurrock

Sarah Hata must stay

Fluoridation of our water is "dangerous unscientific nonsense"

NHS Privatisation: Freedom of Information Act reveals Birmingham plans

Fight the asylum and immigration acts, conference Jan 28th (pdf)

Cambridge Evening News attack on Unite Against Fascism

Sinaltrainal leader Luciano Enrique Romero Molina assassinated

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign visit to Palestine

Master race? You're having a laugh! Leeds anti-fascists confront BNP

Who's city? Who's regeneration?

New Book Deportation is Freedom; the Orwellian world of immigration controls

Report from T&G union conference

Call for a mass workers' party: Venezuela's left comes together

Resource pack; Campaigning against deportation and removal

Peace tax seven court hearing 25th July Campaign

Don't Deport Raheela Sajid And Her Family! DCH

Sedgefield tenants vote no to privatisation Andy Newman

Tribute to the martyrs; Tolpuddle festival report Press

Trident cash risks terror escalation warns Green MEP

Labour rebels fail to block ID bill Linda Gamlin

Action sheet on climate change

Islington teachers stop fats cats taking control of their schools

No one is illegal conference report Reuben Bard Rosenburg

Gilad Atzmon's website reviewed Statement

Jews Against Zionism statement on Gilad Atzmon and the SWP

Council housing in Manchester; has it a future-

Acadamies, just what we don't need

Privatisation of homeless services in Manchester

Campaigning against deportation and removal

Forwarded warning; police stop and search vehicles on way to G8

BNP loses only London council seat

Union fight back conference in Australia

Aussie parliament discusses challenge of the rank and file

Campaign Ashraf family must stay

FBU bans members looking at website

Campaign Local authorities force publication of nuclear waste sites

Casino workers take strike action for a better deal

Campaign Justina and Yonre must stay GMB

GMB congress demands end to Big Brother tagging of workers

Reports Leytonstone by-election campaign- the final push

Reports Local authorities force publication of nuclear waste sites

Reports Breach of high security area at Faslane

Reports Anti-BNP activities in Goresbrook

Sandra Leslie Scrapping Trident is now a part of Plymouth's culture

Reports Teacher seeking asylum wins refugee friends award

Andreas Speck Gay Turk jailed and beaten

Jim Jepps Inverness protests against fashion police

John Nicholson Immigration campaigners' victory against the YMCA

Reports UK Watch launched

Reports BNP Barking councillor resigns

Assaf Adiv WAC: Reclaiming jobs in agriculture

Peter Beadle Respect's barnstorming rally

Reports Goresbrook by election, last few days to stop the BNP

Reports Save Dale Farm - stop the evictions! June 8th Actions

John Nicholson People Not Profits post-election meeting in Manchester

NOII 25th June 'No one is illegal' conference

CAAB Curfew and tagging for peace campaigner

Paul G What's new in Afghanistan?

Michael Lebowitz The revolution advances in Venezuela

Terry Pearce Bracknell New Town Blues

Andy Newman Lessons of the Swindon election campaign

Reports WAC's May Day in Haifa

Reports SSP; Scotland's drug problem needs radical action

Andy Newman Peace march to RAF Brize Norton

Ken Smith Labour's choice in education is no choice

Reports Liverpool City UNISON faces relentless attack by council

Salman Shaheen Circle Community Centre activists fight eviction threat

Reports Arms trade protest at Caterpillar site

Jorge Martin Venezuela - the revolution spreads to factories

John Nicholson Manchester meeting: next steps for Left

Wrigley-Field & Pipp Student protest stops CIA recruiting event in New York University

Humberto Marquez Venezuelan coal mining protest

Kathy Newnam New Zealand: Redrawing the political map

John Nicholson Manchester demo against deportations

RMT Rail Against Privatisation

RAN Radical Activist Network newsletter

Press Spring peace camp at Brize Norton

Press March to Brize Norton air base

Landau/Gable Urgent call for anti-BNP day of action

Brian Joyce FBU report on visit to Iraq

Press Socialists halt BNP campaign in Edinburgh

Stuart Munckton Chavez embraces socialism in Venezuela

Jonah Gindin Chavistas in the Halls of Power...

Various  Stamp out homophobia in Cambridge

Press US soldier faces court martial for refusing to return to Iraq

Linda Gamlin Fact sheet on air travel and climate change

Jim Jepps BNP setback in Stoke on Trent

Amira Howeidy Protests in Cairo: enough is not enough

Press SSP fights west Dunbartonshire by election

Miles Barter Trade union demonstration against deportations

Ruth Tanner Peace camp in Trafalgar Square

Dave Landau Dagenham Together: action against BNP

Ruth Tanner International Peace Conference

Press Socialist/Green general election launch

Dr Salam Ismael Fallujah: the truth at last

Selma James Mumia- doing the movement's work from inside

Sue Bolton Australian unions start to resist

Jim Jepps Stop the war conference report

Reports Swindon naming the dead

Forward Wales Promises, promises from Labour

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign Open letter to German Government- Free Remzi Kartal

Green Press Iraq violence fuelled by globalisation says Green MEP

press BNP disrupts Holocaust Memorial Day - but police arrest trade unionist for protesting

press Kurdish musicians must stay in Scotland

press Disarm DSEi- International day of action against the arms trade

press Unite Against Fascism conference to discuss strategies for defeating BNP

Joss Garman Iraq protest against Windrush

Margaret Jones Peace camp at Brize Norton

Salman Shaheen Bilston Glen anti-bypass camp

Report Defend the right to protest in Parliament Square

Dave Landau Stop the BNP at Redbridge

Report Let WAC get on with its work

Report Campaigning against deportation or removal

SSP policy unity The SSP on faith schools

Campaign Support Mansoor Hassan's fight for asylum

Report Campaigning Against Deportation or Removal - advice and contacts

Andy Newman Labour Left stuck in cul de sac-

Advert Latest issue of Revolutionary History

Joanne Baker Eyewitness from Iraq

Press Forward Wales' second annual conference

Herman 250.000 march in Amsterdam against government cutbacks

Paul Greening Eyewitness from Afghanistan

Lewis Jones Organising the left in Wrexham

Press Trade unions united for a radical alternative

Press ESF 2004 - a breakthrough for the movement

Sandra Leslie What do demonstrations demonstrate-

Huw Pudner 1,000 march in Swansea

Mike Davies Red October in Wales

Cameron Richards Report from RESPECT Wales pre-conference mee

John Nicholson Manchester RESPECT votes for unity

UAF Urgent message from barking and Dagenham UAF

Press Extension of police powers affecting protest and dissent

Huw Pudner Anti-racist demonstration in Swansea

Jim Jepps Agenda for change - ballot approaching

IOF Latest from Iraq Occupation Focus

Report Scottish Socialist Publishing Launched

FW Report Bob Crow and Mark Serwotka to speak at Forward Wales event, Oct 21st

Greenpeace Tesco supports Japanese whaling industry

SWP changes structures

Appeal against criminalising communities

ESF Report ESF - calling trade unionists

From Indymedia Nuclear warhead convoy stopped in Stirling, Scotland: 6 arrests

Report Mireille Medim Eka must stay

Report Appeal for the release of aid workers in Bagdad

Report Appeal for solidarity with Palestinian workers

Report Trade demo targets Labour Party conference

ISM ISM training weekends

Pamela Smith Call for peaceful production in Yeovil

Campaign Venzuela report back - 18th Sept

Andy Newman Hilary Wainwright speaks on the ESF

SSP SSP launch new offices

Health Worker New health worker leaflet on Agenda for change

Press Westland - start peaceful production

CAMPACC Appeal against criminalising communities

Jim Jepps Cambridge anti-fascist demonstration

Jim Jepps Protests at the Republican convention

Campaign Sign the pledge against coke

Tommy Sheriden SSP report on new Parliament building

CND How did your MP vote on the Butler report?

Press WWF threatens Australia's old growth forests

Jim Jepps Protests at Republican convention

Press Smash the EDO protest camp

Dave Landau National protests against deadly detention

Campaign Appeal to trade unionists against slave labour

Campaign  Pouaha must stay

ESF ESF - calling trade unionists

Nick Bird Marxism fringe report

Health worker Agenda for change could destroy NHS

Press Fairford trial update

Press Bob Crow's reaction to rail review

Campaign Defend Paul Woolensthomes

Jim Jepps RMT call for a conference on politcal representation

Campaign press Don't deport Bernard Petegou

PCS left unity PCS left unity statement on the job losses

GMB press GMB statement on Labour funding

Allison Bennett Bardici family must stay

SSP press Scottish Socialists yearly parliamentary report

Campaign press Fairford five protest update

Beth Aze Manchester socialist meeting

Health worker Conference on agenda for change

Jim Jepps Griffin sent packing in Southend

Will MacMahon North East London RESPECT meeting

Press Aldermaston peace camp

GMB press GMB council workers vote for deal

TUC release Pensions protest

RESPECT RESPECT's initial response

Green Party The Green's initial response

"The team" Tower hamlets stunning results

Searchlight Voters reject the BNP

Simon Bexley Another school is possible

Socialist Party Socialist Party results

BBC / Independent Netherlands results

"The Team" European results

"The Team" GLA results

"The Team" Local election reports; as they come in

Andy Newman The Swindon experience

Newswire The Netherlands results

Green Party Press The first response from the Greens

Jim Dee Long shot McCann

Ted Crawford Lutte Ouvriere fete

Andy Newman Wiltshire BBC in interview storm

Andy Tate Beyond the big three

Jim Jepps New Left Party

Gill George Cracks show in Agenda for change

Dissent Resist the G8

Andy Newman Swindon RESPECT launch

Paul Wilcox Protesters storm Caterpiller factory

Forward Wales Forward Wales launches campaign

SSP Press SSP launch Euro manifesto

Andy Newman Swindon's fertile soil

Jim Jepps East Anglia social forum launched

Tim Oxton Wickford anti-BNP demo

Richard Hindes StWC council report

Nick Bird The PCS dispute continues

Jim Jepps  Food for thought

Nick Savage Seven years and still awaiting asylum

Jim Jepps  Stop the BNP 'fun day'

Andy Newman Swindon Stop the War

RMT press release RMT strike action draws closer

Paul Wilcox Scottish Socialist Party Conference

Will McMahon North East London RESPECT

Jim Jepps Essex Greenpeace planning day

Scarborough by election result

Jim Jepps Demonstrations against the war

Matthew Caygill Launching the radical action network

S. Watson & M. Baiter Stop the war conference

Caygill, Jepps and others RESPECT conventions around the country

Nick Savage AUT strike action


Myths of the movement

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RESPECT got a good vote in Hartlepool

Stop the war gave Lib Dems a leg up

A delegates conference means more influence for outside London

Don't say third world

Let's have two, three, many unity projects

Searchlight are all grasses

So RESPECT's the only game in town?

You're either with us or against us?

The Great Alliance website scandal - NOT!

What's in a name? Farewell to the Marxist forums.

As always it's the end of the SWP

Fallujah and Tet

What's going on in the GMB?

Myths of the Moslem vote

Blame the members, blame the activists

Brecht's solution



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Review: Standing on fascism John Nicholson

Review: Glorious Borat Jim Jepps

Marie Antoinette was, like, so famous...  Mark Steel

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Big Brother: a franchise keeps giving Jim Jepps

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Our Dilemma Chinwe Azubuike

Review: Iraq: the logic of withdrawal Jim Jepps

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The terror is right here in this room. Martin Wicks

A movement to smash fascism; recollections of the 70's Dave Renton

Five books every socialist should read compendium

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Obituary Linda Smith - Comedian with a deft satirical edge to her turns of phrase

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“Christianity not to blame” says Bin Laden

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Tim Richards on the Edge

Francesca Oscar night's Che omission

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Sarah Zawadiwsky  'The Truth Beyond Present Eyes'

Pam Bishop Banner Theatre tour

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link to Guardian This gonzo life, Hunter S Thompson

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Link to SW article Arthur Miller- a writer of integrity

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Sarah Holmes The story of how the sun came to set

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